Month: April 2021

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PET-CT, used in cancer diagnosis, is developed domestically in Teknopark Istanbul.

Kamlançu Nuclear Industry and Trade Inc., which continues its activities in Cube Incubation, the inc

Pink Super Moon on April 26 …

The April Full Moon … When the Moon moves away from the Sun and the Earth and passes to the opp

Former CIA Director: “Now I’m Believing in Aliens”

R. James Woolsey, former director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), announced that he bega

Obligation to obtain “Crossing Road Permit” for workplaces to be opened on the side of the road has been introduced.

According to the last minute news, the “Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Openin

3 astronauts returned to earth in Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft

A US Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts, who stayed for 6 months o

Sivas University of Science and Technology has started a laboratory establishment for the production of “powder metal”

Sivas Science and Technology University, Advanced Alloys Manufacturing Center Project, which is used

Nasa Discovered A New Planet With Three Suns

NASA, the American Aeronautics and Space Administration, has found a new planet with ‘three Sun

Teachers Enter the Camp for Effective Hybrid Education

The Teachers Academy Foundation (ÖRAV) is expanding its educator staff to meet the changing needs of

Monthly Mortgage Payment for the First House in the Month Will Be 2.6 Million Lira!

While America, Europe, Russia and China are counting the days to rediscover the moon, the moon of our

Why do we scream while having fun?

Screams from roller coaster trains both scare and excite us. So how did screaming help our ancestors