Month: May 2021

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Dune Script-5: Dune God Emperor

Hello dear science fiction lovers. Hello dear science fiction lovers. I’m here with the fifth e

Apple Rolled Up Arms to Build Its Own Game Console

It is reported that the Apple company is doing a new study to take advantage of the increasing demand

Don’t be fooled by the Pink Whatsapp Update – News

Android users are faced with a new threat spreading via WhatsApp. ESET Researcher Lukas Stefanko warn

The Plane That Will Enter The Record Books

Rolls-Royce recently; He announced that he has developed an all-electric aircraft that is expected to

Here are Radio Waves from Venus: Click, Listen!

NASA has released a recording of the radio waves that the Parker Solar Probe detected as it passed ne

Lenovo Will Launch Tab M10 Tablet with 5G Support!

Lenovo is preparing to add a new member to the Tab M10 series tablets it has previously launched. It

Serious Security Issues Arise in Qualcomm Mobile Processors

Qualcomm, which is the main processor of many smartphones, was found to be facing serious security pr

Projects from Abroad to Turkey’s Largest Telescope

Turkish Space Agency (TUA) Head of Space Sciences Department Prof. Dr. İbrahim Küçük stated that

New privacy agreement decision from WhatsApp! Accounts will not be deleted, but there is a restriction

The deadline for the users of social messaging platform WhatsApp in Turkey to approve the privacy agr