Month: July 2021

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QLED and OLED: What is the difference between these TV types?

Samsung QLED and LG OLED televisions look similar on the surface, but the underlying technologies are

The new vehicle of the “Dokuz Eylül University Solaris Solar Cars” team was introduced

An introductory meeting of Solaris 11, the new vehicle of the Dokuz Eylül University (DEU) Solaris S

LG PH30N puts an end to the need for sockets

Thanks to LG’s battery-powered projector PH30N, users can watch movies wherever they want witho

Global Smartphone Market Grows and Samsung Remains Leading

The second quarter report of global smartphone shipment has been released by the company called Count

Why is eSports Popular? Where is it going?

Ümit Kenan Çeltik’s research file… Why is e-sports so popular today? Hope Kenan Paddy&#

Google: It Will Make Data Transfer From iOS to Android Easier!

Apple, Android device to iOS devices data transfer feature was liked by many users. Google, which was

UFO Spotted in Erdek on July 13" allegation

The allegation that a UFO was seen in the Erdek district of Balikesir on the evening of 13 July becam

West African country Ghana uses the continent’s fastest internet

It has been reported that the country with the fastest internet in the African continent is Ghana. Th

Advances in artificial intelligence could revolutionize the treatment of some diseases

Recent studies and findings in the field of artificial intelligence can lead to breakthrough developm

Message From Space: “You Look Great Turkey”

US astronaut Shane Kimbrough shared images of Istanbul taken from the International Space Station and