46 irregular migrants were rescued off Tunisia, 8 bodies were found

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Tunus açıklarında 46 düzensiz göçmen kurtarıldı, 8 göçmenin ise cesedine ulaşıldı

46 irregular migrants who were stranded in the Mediterranean while trying to cross into Europe illegally were rescued by Tunisian coast guard teams, 8 migrants lost their lives.

Trying to cross into Europe illegally Mediterranean46 irregulars stranded in immigrant Tunisia Coast Guard rescued by the teams, 8 immigrants lost their lives.

Tunisian National Guards General Administration Spokesperson Brigadier General Husam al-Jibabil told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the coast guard forces reached the dead bodies of 8 irregular migrants off the coast of Al-Avabid in Safaks province in the south of the country on 30 June and 1 July.

Cibabili stated that the coast guard forces also rescued 46 irregular migrants whose boats broke down off the coast of Sidi Mansur in Safaks province.

Countries in northern Africa such as Tunisia and Libya are seen as a point of departure for irregular migrants who want to reach Europe illegally via the Mediterranean.

Every year, thousands of migrants sail from Africa to the Mediterranean to reach Europe in hopes of a better life. Some of the migrants manage to reach Europe, while others die at sea.

Carlotta Sami, a spokesperson for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, announced on May 4 that at least 500 migrants died at sea while trying to cross to Europe on the Central Mediterranean migration route from the beginning of 2021 to May.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Ali Semerci

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