5G speed of the iPhone 12 Series lags behind Android phones

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5G speed of the iPhone 12 Series lags behind Android phones

Apple 5G on smartphones, Android It is stated that it lags behind its competitors. The company first brought 5G technology to the iPhone 12 series, and it has received negative feedback from many tech critics.

Now Apple is criticized for the 5G performance of iPhone 12 series devices. According to a research conducted by a site called OpenSignal; 5G and 4G speeds differ significantly between iOS and Android. The report presents a comparison of the 5G performance of Apple iPhone 12 series devices with the 5G performance of Android smartphones. In the research, most of the 25 fastest smartphones with 5G technology Samsung It seems that there are models of the company.

Although the 5G speed of the iPhone 12 is 2.3 times faster than the 4G iPhone, the overall download speed of Apple’s top 5G iPhone group is in the lowest place. The iPhone 12 series 5G speed is behind at least 25 Android smartphones in the US.

5G speed of the iPhone 12 Series lags behind Android phones

According to OpenSignal, the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G tops the list with an average 5G / 4G download speed of 56Mbps. Overall, Samsung is the best performing technology company, making up 60% of the list.

TCL Revvl 5G and OnePlus 8T + rank second and third on the list. These devices record average speeds of 49.8Mbps and 49.3Mbps, respectively. LG Velvet 5G ranks 25th with an average speed of 37.8 Mbps. The fact that the devices belonging to the iPhone 12 series are not included in the OpenSignal list justifies the criticism of the people with the iPhone 12 series on 5G.

Average download speeds of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are 36.9Mbps and 36.2Mbps respectively. Average download speeds of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini are 29.6Mbps and 32.9Mbps respectively. The entire iPhone 12 series didn’t even make it into the top 25 lists. According to OpenSignal, the main reason for this situation; It is said that the company used Qualcomm moderms in its previous models, but preferred Intel modems in the 5G area, resulting in a decrease in performance. Apple could close the gap in terms of 5G performance by using Qualcomm modems. However, it lags behind all Android rivals for now. Finally; When it comes to 5G technology for iPad tablets, critics emphasize that Apple should bring factors that will deliver better performance to its users. The average download speed of the iPhone 12 Pro model with 5G networks is stated to be 36% faster than the average download speed of the latest cellular iPad Pro model.

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