A panel on “Causes, effects and solution suggestions of mucilage” was held at DEU

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Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Marine Sciences and Technology Institute organized a panel on “Causes, effects and solution suggestions of mucilage”.

Dokuz Eylul University (DEU) Marine Sciences and Technology Institute organized a panel on “Causes, effects and solution suggestions of mucilage”.

According to the statement made by DEU, Marmara In the online panel on mucilage, which has affected the coasts of the sea and turned into an environmental problem, scientists emphasized that the changes in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean, climate change, the internal dynamics of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the human-induced effects that have increased in the last 40 years.

It was stated that for the solution of the mucilage problem, it is necessary to alleviate the effects of these pressures on the ecosystem and to reduce the pressure caused by human activities.

Establishment of treatment and discharge systems with capacities suitable for all existing point pollution sources such as urban and industrial wastes in the coastal areas of the Marmara Sea and the basins forming the hinterland of these areas, advanced biological treatment of all urban and industrial wastewater discharged into the Marmara Sea, nutrient removal and After that, it was pointed out that deep sea discharge should be allowed and recovery-oriented good technology practices that reduce the amount of waste water and pollution load of industrial facilities should be adopted.

Speaking at the panel, DEU Rector Prof. Dr. Nükhet Hotar stated that they are aware of their responsibilities and noted that the problem should be handled from multiple perspectives.

Stating that they are extremely sensitive about the protection of natural life and the environment, Hotar said:

“We organized a panel under the leadership of our esteemed professors in our Marine Sciences and Technology Institute in order to propose solutions to the problems caused by the mucilage that has affected the Marmara coasts in recent days. İstanbul With the contribution of valuable scientists at the university, solution proposals were created in this regard. As a university, we aimed to guide our state and related institutions on this issue that affects natural life. Mucilage has an aspect that affects human life as well as the environment. Our professors state that human-related factors are also effective in this problem. Therefore, studies on mucilage need to be handled from multiple perspectives. We would like to thank our professors who organized the panel and shared their valuable opinions.”

The panel was attended by DEU Marine Sciences and Technology Institute Faculty Members Prof. Dr. Şermin Açık Çınar, Prof. Dr. Dogan Yasar, Prof. Dr. Finally Bizsel, Prof. Dr. Şükrü Turan Beşiktepe, DEU Faculty of Engineering Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Orhan Gündüz, Faculty Member of the Institute of Marine Sciences and Management, Istanbul University Assoc. Dr. Ahsen Yüksek, Faculty Member of Istanbul University, Faculty of Aquatic Sciences, Assoc. Dr. Eda Nur Topçu Eryalçın attended.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Haydar Toprakci

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