Abd: “Flying Things Aren’t Aliens But What, We Don’t Know”

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Abd: "Flying Things Aren't Aliens But What, We Don't Know"

The New York Times, one of the world’s leading newspapers, exploded the second bomb regarding the UFO file of the US Department of Defense Pentagon today.

One of the world’s leading newspapers New York Times, US Department of Defense PentagonThe second bomb on the UFO file went off today.

Publishing what the Pentagon called “Unidentified Weather Events” DecemberThe newspaper, which made headlines in ‘The Pentagon will examine the UFO images and prepare a report,’ wrote about the leaks from that report this morning.

According to the newspaper, the footage was reviewed and officials said neither “Yes” nor “No”.


According to US officials, it is NOT aliens or alien technology that fighter pilots see on radar. However, they also add the following note to the report: “We don’t know what they are, nor can we explain them.”

The report said: “There have been more than 120 unidentified weather events in the past 20 years. These are not the manufacture of the American military or technology.”

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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