About a quarter of patients with kidney stones experience osteoporosis.

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A study conducted in the USA revealed that about a quarter of patients with kidney stones experience problems such as osteoporosis.

EurekAlert website newsAccording to the country’s Veterans Health Administration, it was investigated whether 531,431 people with kidney stones experienced bone diseases in 2007-2015.

It was found that 23.6 percent of these people had bone resorption or bone fracture problems during the period of kidney stone disease.

“We expect this study to raise awareness of the possibility of decreasing bone strength in patients with kidney stones,” said Calyani Ganesan of Stanford University, one of the study leaders. used the expression.

Ganesan stated that they hope to identify which kidney patients have a higher risk of experiencing problems such as osteoporosis in the future.

The findings of the study were published in the journal “Journal Bone and Mineral Research”.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Fuat Kabakcı

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