According to physicists, ‘strong evidence emerged’ of the 5th fundamental force in nature.

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In an experiment conducted in the USA, scientists announced that a small subatomic particle did not obey the known laws of physics.

Scientists in the USA announced in an experiment that a small subatomic particle did not obey the known laws of physics. Physicists say this is evidence of the fifth fundamental force in nature.

The behavior of muons, which are subatomic particles, is investigated in the experiments called “Muon g-2” conducted at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) in the city of Batavia in Illinois, USA, and the signs of new events are investigated in physics.

Fermilab, Twitter“We are excited to announce that the first results of the Muon g-2 experiment strengthen new physics evidence,” he said.

Co-Spokesperson of the Muon g-2 experiment and the Italian National Nuclear “Today is an extraordinary day that not only ours, but the entire international physics community has long been waiting for,” said physicist Graziano Venanzoni of the Physics Institute.

Physicists say that the results of the experiments in question are vital to the nature and evolution of the cosmos, yet unknown to science. energy He suggests that the laws of physics can change completely if experiments are proven.

The result was different than expected

Physical forces take place in all areas of our lives, from magnets attached to the refrigerator to the basketball bounced off.

Science lists these physical forces we experience every day into four categories: gravity, electromagnetism, dominant and weak nuclear forces.

On the other hand, our world has building blocks even smaller than atoms. Some of these subatomic particles are made up of even smaller components, while others cannot be split into any elementary particles.

Naturally occurring when cosmic rays hit the Earth’s atmosphere moo is one of these fundamental particles. It is similar to the electron, but 200 times heavier than the electron.

The muons are sent around a 14-meter ring and then subjected to the application of a magnetic field. In Standard Model [Evrenin yapı taşlarının nasıl davrandığını açıklamak için yaygın olarak kabul edilen mevcut teori] According to the current coded laws of physics, this experiment must vibrate the muons at a certain rate.

However, in experiments conducted with an international team of 200 physicists from seven countries, it was concluded that the muons did not behave as expected.

According to the press conference on the issue on Wednesday, this may be due to an entirely new natural force.

“This is strong evidence that the muo is sensitive to something that is not even in our best theory,” said physicist Renee Fatemi of the University of Kentucky.

However, the results of the Muon g-2 experiment do not yet provide a definitive discovery.

Currently, there is a statistically 40 thousand chance of the results. This equates to a statistical confidence level expressed as 4.1 sigma. This is well below the standard set for announcing a discovery. For a discovery to be concluded, the experiment must have a 5 sigma level, or a 3.5 million chance of observations.

At the press conference, it was stated that the muon experiment represents only 6 percent of the total data expected to collect in the coming years.

Doesn’t match the Standard Model

Physicists have long based on the Standard Model, which successfully explains the results of high-energy particle experiments.

Professor at the University of Manchester. “We found that the interaction of the Muons did not match the Standard Model,” Mark Lancaster told the BBC.

Prof. “Obviously this is an exciting result, because it potentially points to new future laws of physics, new particles, and a new force that we haven’t seen before,” said Lancaster.

No one knows yet what this potential new force causes to muons other than its current effect.

May answer the unknowns

The possible fifth fundamental force may also help answer some questions about the universe with unknown consequences.

For example, the observation that the expansion of the universe is accelerating has been linked to a mysterious phenomenon known as dark energy. However, some researchers have previously claimed that this event may be evidence of a fifth force.

Dr. “It’s pretty surprising. It has the potential to reverse physics. The universe has some unresolved mysteries. This could give us some keys to unravel these mysteries,” Maggie Aderin-Pocock told BBC News about the experiments.

According to scientists’ estimates, at the same time the results of the experiment, “What is dark matter?”, “Why is there matter in the universe?” It can also search doors for answers to such questions.

“This may be the new physics. But I don’t bet on it,” Sabine Hossenfelder, a physicist at the Frankfurt Institute, said in a post on Twitter.


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