Advanced Alien Species Could Destroy Humanity”

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Advanced Alien Species Could Destroy Humanity"

Scientists warn, alien advanced species may want to destroy humanity!

Scientists warn, alien advanced species may want to destroy humanity!

An advanced alien species may want to destroy humanity and take Earth for themselves, according to an expert who believes scientists should be wary of any extraterrestrials.

Curiosity is the biggest motivator for scientists, but one expert believes it may be best for them to fight their urges before contacting aliens. Jacco van Loon, astrophysicist and director of the Keele Observatory, warned that an advanced extraterrestrial species could easily see humans as immature or troublemakers and try to destroy us accordingly.

Life on Earth is newer compared to the age of the universe. The first signs of life on our planet seem to have appeared about 3.5 billion years ago, but the universe has been around for more than about 10 billion years.

If life is not unique to Earth, assuming that these aliens follow the same trajectory as life on Earth, it is highly possible that a living species would come across and be much more advanced. Judging from humanity’s past, it seems that a more technologically advanced species generally did not respect civilizations that did not advance on the technological time scale, such as when Europeans encountered the Native Americans and nearly killed them to conquer the New World.


prof. van Loon answered a question about why aliens still do not communicate with Earth, while saying that an advanced species could easily destroy us;

He wrote in The Conversation: “Aliens… may take care of our planet. Earth has the perfect conditions for life.”

“Aliens may need another home if they have to leave their home planet for any reason, such as climate change, nuclear war, or a massive asteroid impact.

“It’s also possible that they’re not looking for friendship.”

“There are many examples from our history when people traveled to a place on Earth and treated cruelly, killing or enslaving the people who lived there.”

“The aliens who settled on Earth might want us to get out of their way. There’s another reason – humans are predators that eat other life forms. Aliens may also find us nutritious or palatable.”

However, Prof. Van Loon also said that aliens may not be interested in us, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to find them in the near future.

He continued: “Some aliens may find us boring, obscure, too primitive to deserve their attention, or potentially morbid.”

“Some aliens may not be interested in life beyond their Earth.”

“On the other hand, life like ours may actually be very common. With so many Earths and civilizations to choose from, we may not have caught their attention yet.”

“If that’s the case, we may soon detect alien life around nearby stars for ourselves.”

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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