Anyone with an Interest in Space Can Participate in this Competition…

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Anyone with an Interest in Space Can Participate in this Competition…

Türksat AŞ General Manager Hasan Hüseyin Ertok invited everyone who is interested in space and satellite systems to the Model Satellite Competition organized by the institution and said, “Participants gain a really important experience and learn all the processes of the satellite during this 8-month period.” said.

Ertok said that it is a source of pride for him to be appointed as the general manager of Türksat AŞ, where he has served at many levels for 15 years. Ertok thanked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu and the members of the Board of Directors of Türksat AŞ for their deemed worthy of this duty, and gave information about the satellite studies carried out by the institution and the Model Satellite Competition.

Stating that satellite operation, which is the first of Türksat’s three basic service areas, is also the foundation purpose of the company, Ertok still operates with 3 active satellites. newsreported that the service was provided.

The Türksat 5A satellite, which was successfully launched on January 8, is active this summer. newsStating that the number of landing satellites will increase to 4, Ertok stated that Türksat 5B, which is still in testing processes and will have the highest capacity in the Türksat fleet, will be launched into space in the second half of the year.

Ertok, Turkeyfirst native of newsStating that Türksat 6A, which is a landing satellite, is planned to be launched in 2022, “We want to have a fleet with 6 active satellites at the end of 2022 with the launch of the satellite in question.” he spoke.

Stating that the Model Satellite Competition, the first of which was held in 2016, will be held for the 6th time this year and that the competition has been organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST since 2018, Ertok said, “The Model Satellite Competition makes our dreams come true with the national production of space technologies that will shape the future of our world. “Our young people have the opportunity to experience all aspects of a satellite project, from designing to production and post-mission review,” he said.

Other young people university Stating that while sharing his experiences with his teams, he also came together with institutions, experts and engineers operating in the sector.


“Turksat Model Satellite Contest, Turkey’s constitute the human resources will be most needed in the framework of the space vision and is supporting the development of the sector. Located in Turkey’s space race and the future career of our young people who do not want to design their future satellites in our country are invited to this competition.”

Stating that the stages of the competition are planned to reflect the processes of a real satellite / space project on a small scale, Ertok said that the competition includes all aspects of a satellite / space project from design to production and post-mission review.

Ertok emphasized that they offer the competitors the opportunity to experience the process from the design of a space system to the start of the mission, and said that last year 149 teams applied and 22 teams made flights to the competition, where 8 teams applied and 3 teams reached the flight stage in 2016.

Stating that they want to open the contest to university students, Ertok expressed that they expect a new record to be broken with more participation than last year in the event to be held in Tuz Gölü on September 14-17 this year.

Reminding that the satellites were sent to space using rocket last year, Ertok said, “So the satellite newsThe launch, which is the most important period in carcasses, was simulated by our students. This year, satellites will be launched into space by rocket. Last year we had a very successful competition, “he said.

Stating that the applications for the competition for 2021 will end on February 28, Ertok said:

“I would like to invite our young university students again. I strongly recommend that every friend who is interested in space and satellite systems participate in this contest. During this process of about 8 months, they learn all the processes of the satellite by gaining a really important experience. Competition to make their applications. “

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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