Apple Rolled Up Arms to Build Its Own Game Console

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Apple Rolled Up Arms to Build Its Own Game Console

It is reported that the Apple company is doing a new study to take advantage of the increasing demand for gaming handheld consoles. The company will produce a next generation game console similar to the Nintendo Switch!

Game consoles have caught a big uptrend recently. Experts say there are three main reasons for this situation; The huge increase in the number of devices produced, the release of many interesting games, is explained as the whole world isolating itself in their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Especially Sony, which has a significant audience in the market, released the PlayStation 5 during the pandemic period, which was a great advantage for the company. Pandemic people spend more time in their homes and have fun in isolation by playing the latest games on PlayStation 5.

According to recent research; The high demand for Sony PlayStation 5 shows that game consoles always have a significant population in the market.

The fact that the market is this big whets the appetite of many companies. Apple It was on the agenda that the company is doing a new study to take advantage of the increasing demand for game hand consoles.

Apple Rolled Up Arms to Build Its Own Game Console

According to WCCFTech, the Cupertino-based company has rolled up its sleeves to produce a portable game console. Apple new game console, Nintendo It will be similar to the Switch and will receive a new generation processor.

Among the features of the portable hybrid console, Apple; It was announced that it will use a special chip with a powerful graphics accelerator, an efficient cooling system and ray tracing support.

The company’s development team reportedly prepared several prototypes of the game console and designed custom games for Apple Arcade. It is reported that the Apple company will work with the game studio Ubisoft to develop the games it will produce for its new consoles.

Will Apple eventually release a game console and how long will this process take? Except for the leaks, the company did not make a statement.

Apple to Procure Camera Components from South Korea Instead of China!

Apple has decided to expand its cooperation with South Korean manufacturers that produce components for smartphone cameras. The trade wars between the US and China are cited as the main reason why Apple has close relationships with Korean manufacturers.

Korea IT News published newsApple reportedly ended its relationship with the Chinese company Ofilm, which produces camera components, and collaborated with Korean manufacturers.

Last year, the U.S. Department of Commerce blacklisted some Chinese manufacturers, after which Apple had to look for new partners. OFilm said on March 16 that “a designated foreign company” has decided to end its partnership with Chinese manufacturers and subsidiaries. Although Apple is not named directly; OFilm is known to receive a significant portion of its revenue from the joint venture, and after the interaction ended, it sold its camera production to Chinese Wingtech.

Before the US Department of Commerce sanctions, Apple regarding camera components; OFilm was working with Sharp and LG Innotek. The company is now reportedly to continue with South Korean partners and further collaborate with LG Innotek.

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