Article Series – 2: Artificial Intelligence Brings Much Income to Humanity

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Article Series – 2: Artificial Intelligence Brings Much Income to Humanity

Hatice Nur Dicle’s series of articles… (2) HOW DO INSTITUTIONS USE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE? AI increases productivity by automating human tasks. AI can also make sense of data on so many levels.

Hatice Nur Tigris‘s article series… (2)


Artificial intelligence increases productivity by automating human tasks. AI can also make sense of data on so many levels. This feature gives very good business benefits. The best example of this would be banks. banks used to be credit make a long analysis of the person to be given

He should have done it, and the accuracy of the result was a matter of debate. Now, thanks to artificial intelligence, they know who to give credit to, and even how much credit to give.

In general, companies use AI to close and prevent security breaches, solve users’ technology problems, reduce production management efforts, and detect internal compliance.


When it comes to artificial intelligence, a different scenario comes to life in everyone’s mind. While some people are afraid of artificial intelligence, some people keep up with this developing technology. Artificial intelligence, like everything else, has both good and bad sides. When we talk about the positive aspects of Artificial Intelligence, the first thing that comes to mind is the efficiency it provides to institutions. Artificial intelligence is in such a position right now that they even determine which personnel in the company should be paid and how much. In addition, it would be wrong to consider this only on the basis of large companies. This is even in the markets.

For example, it is important where which product is on the market shelves, but it takes a long time for a person to know which product is sold where, and at what time, to analyze it. But when data is entered into artificial intelligence, its analysis can be made very simple. At this point, artificial intelligence increases the efficiency of even an ordinary market. Secondly, the convenience provided by artificial intelligence in medicine comes to mind. Artificial intelligence provides a great advantage in the speed of diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, artificial intelligence improves automation and eases the workload.

Artificial intelligence brings a lot of income to humanity. In fact, when we consider super intelligence, we will be able to provide much more than these benefits. For example, perhaps we will be able to find solutions to diseases that we thought could never be cured.


Artificial intelligence makes people’s lives easier in many ways. But like everything else, artificial intelligence has its downsides. While doing this research, I thought that the negative aspects of artificial intelligence were not that much. In other words, if we weigh artificial intelligence as positive and negative, we can say that the positive aspects outweigh. To explain briefly, the biggest negative side of artificial intelligence may be that it scares people, but this is more about conspiracy theories than artificial intelligence. The loss of some jobs is open to discussion. Even when I researched this subject a bit, I saw that it was not a loss but just a professional transformation.


People who use artificial intelligence in every aspect of their lives have begun to fear this intelligent technology they have created. The films made and the theories put forward are enough to scare people from the technology they create day by day. So what are these theories? These theories are generally about Artificial intelligence taking over the world. These theories scare people day by day. So, can artificial intelligence actually do this? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this controversial question. While a certain researcher says that this is not possible, some

says that this will happen in the near future, this scenario is not far away.


From my research, I learned many things about artificial intelligence that I did not know and had not heard before. Also, after I asked the questions that I was curious about in these researches, that I couldn’t understand the logic of, to people who know this business and got my answers, I learned what I was wondering about artificial intelligence and I fed myself more on this subject.

Artificial intelligence seems like a very complex and complicated system at first, but in fact, almost everyone is dealing with it more or less nowadays. Our phones, computers and even the robots we use in our kitchen are the products we use during the day.

When I researched artificial intelligence, I came across dozens of theories. The theories of artificial intelligence taking over the world was the theory I saw the most. This theory frightened me as well, and I spent a lot of time thinking about this theory in my research and wondered if such a thing could happen. The answer I could finally give myself was that it was not actually possible to know this. Although the idea of ​​computers taking over the world sounds funny, there is no such thing as it will not happen, but there is no such thing as will. I hope such a thing will never happen and artificial intelligences will continue to be helpful intelligences that make our work easier.

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