Beat Cancer, Goes to Space – News

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Beat Cancer, Goes to Space - News

Hayley Arceneaux, who defeated cancer, breaks ground and participates in an all-civilian space mission.

The first astronaut to beat bone cancer, the first human to go into space with a prosthetic limb, and the youngest American citizen to orbit Earth; We started telling you about Hayley. Hayley, 29, works as a medical staff at the hospital where she received cancer treatment as a child.

He was swept off the ground in January when he heard that he was accepted on a space mission to be attended only by civilians, but for more than a month this is awesome. newsHe made a great effort not to let her go.

These historic mission selection results were announced by St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

This year, the company founded by Elon Musk will take a journey from Florida with the Falcon 9 rocket, a product of SpaceX. While this mission is expected to inspire millions, let’s add that there will be no professional astronauts on board.

Hayley was joined by two other newly selected people like herself, and the fourth crew was the flight commander, 38-year-old Jared Isaacman, who also suffered the financial burden of the entire mission.

With this flight, they aim to raise $ 200 million for St Jude, and it is an unnoticed detail that half of this figure will be donated by Isaacman.

One of the four seats belongs to a hospital worker, Hayley’s.

Hayley’s leg bones were restored with artificial bones, after she underwent both chemotherapy and surgical interventions at St Jude, where she was hospitalized for bone cancer treatment at the age of 10.


At a different age, Hayley might not have been allowed to go into space, and even impossible, given the very strict medical conditions sought to become a Nasa astronaut. However, special space missions are now seen as enabling us all to reach the stars.

‘This mission opens the doors of space travel to those who are not physically perfect. Without this mission, I would never be an astronaut. ‘ Hayley said, without even thinking about the offer. “Yes, yes please.” he accepted.

The fact that his brother and aunt, who are a space engineer, confirmed how safe this journey was, of course, must have influenced his decision.

The identity of the other two passengers is not yet known. Isaacman will announce these names in a draw to be held in March, which will obviously raise more donations for St Jude.

One of these passengers will be an entrepreneur who will win the ‘online store design’ competition created by using a software produced by Isaacman’s technology company Shift4.

As soon as these four are identified, they will participate in a rigorous and lengthy training program, including mission simulations in a zero gravity environment.

Hayley, the flight paramedic – has already tried her outfit. He stated that it was heavier than he expected, but it was time to end 2021 to get used to it.

His trust in engineers is infinite, so he’s not worried at all. Space travel is not a problem, compared to what he went through in his childhood.

Hayley, who is proud of representing cancer patients, has come from the days when it was impossible to imagine the future and wants to give hope to other patients with this.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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