Boeıng Met with 36 Turkish Companies

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Boeıng Met with 36 Turkish Companies

Boeing is a supplier with the participation of 36 Turkish companies, including companies such as TUSAŞ, THY Teknik, Aselsan and Havelsan, and representatives from SAHA, OSSA and HUKD clusters in order to support the competitiveness of the Turkish aviation industry and its integration into the global supply chain.

Boeing, Turkish aviation TUSAŞ, THY Teknik, Aselsan and Havelsan, a supplier forum with the participation of 36 Turkish companies and representatives from SAHA, OSSA and HUKD clusters.

At the forum held on a digital platform, the participants were informed about the current market outlook of the aviation industry and the recovery processes of the industry for the post-pandemic period. In addition, information was given on the participation processes of Turkish industrialists in the Boeing supply chain.

Boeing Turkey General Manager and Country Representative of Ayşem winding, said about held forum:


“As Boeing, which has significant growth potential in the aviation industry, we see Turkey as a reliable partner. We focused the basis of our strategic partnership with Turkey constitute the Boeing Turkey’s National Aerospace Plan within the scope of the activities that we have done so far always to grow together with Turkish industry in Turkey.”

“Today, we came together with our suppliers who contribute to our different programs with their production and companies that plan to take part in this sector, and we evaluated together how our industry will overcome this difficult period due to the pandemic, the recovery processes and the possibilities of the new growth period.”

November described in 2017, Boeing Turkey’s National Aerospace Plan, which is one of the most important components Aerospace Industry Development Program, this time up to a total of three suppliers of educational programs and the Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with “Supply Chain Development and Export Conference in Aviation” was held.

The supplier forum, on the other hand, is important because it is an event that has brought together Boeing and the Turkish aviation industry in the broadest scope since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as focusing on the new roadmap for the rise of the industry on a global scale.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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