Branson, Owner of Virgin Galactic, Arrived in Space

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Branson, Owner of Virgin Galactic, Arrived in Space

British businessman Richard Branson traveled to space with his company Virgin Galactic.

British businessman Richard Branson He traveled to space with his company Virgin Galactic.

I felt the need to move an interesting detail to this line; Founder of Amazon and richest person in the world Jeff BezosI wonder what the purpose of the determination of nine days before the plans to launch into space!

Blue owned by Bezos Origin Let’s give information to those who are wondering about the seat owners in the rocket named New Shepard manufactured by the company named Bezos, together with his brother Mark, Wally Funk and his seat for 28 million at auction. dollar The payer will make an anonymous rich trip.

On July 20, New Shepard will depart from Texas, 106 km from Earth, and this journey will take 10 minutes.

It is also a nice detail that the date took place on the 52nd anniversary of Apollo 11’s landing on the Moon.


70-year-old Richard Branson made his Virgin Galactic test flight today, 9 days before Blue Origin.

6 people traveled in the winged spaceship.

It reached a distance of 88 km over New Mexico. The historical team experienced zero gravity for three or four minutes and was able to see the curvature of the earth.

Speaking during the live broadcast as he landed on Earth, Branson said: “Congratulations to the entire team at Virgin Galactic for the 17 years of hard work that has brought us this far.”

With this development, Richard Branson surpassed his billionaire rivals Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, who have ventures in space tourism.

Speaking to the BBC, Sir Branson said: “I’ve wanted to go into space since I was a kid and I aim to get hundreds of thousands of people to realize this dream over the next 100 years.”

“Why shouldn’t they go into space? Space is an extraordinary place, and the Universe is fascinating too… I want people to look at our beautiful Earth from afar and take a good look at it after they return to Earth.”

The aim of both companies must be to take the first steps for trips to the edge of space.

The United States has already given Virgin Galactic the necessary permission for these trips.

The round-trip fees for the trips to space with this company will be at least 200 thousand dollars!

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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