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Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, they continue their journey with a local and national understanding created with the Vision of National Technology Move, and stated that a total ownership is needed for the realization of the National Technology Move.

Varank, Kartepe Cable Car Line Project for the promotion of the program held at Istanbul Congress Center, said in Kocaeli, Turkey’s production of his contribution to the country’s pride is one of the provinces.

The city’s 50-year dream of Kartepe Cable Car Line, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality of fully voicing perform as part of a first Industry Cooperation Project in Turkey with its own resources Varank, the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Kartepe Cable Car Line Project will use for the development of the domestic industry, he said.

Noting that developed countries talk about the benefits of globalization and liberalization at every opportunity, Varank continued as follows:

“Come see that they take shelter in protectionist policies at the slightest difficulty. Look, it was like this 300 years ago and 100 years ago, it is like this today … They have implemented protectionist policies for years to develop their own technologies. When their industries have achieved technological superiority, that’s it. In the book called ‘The Secret History of Industrialization’, this situation is described with the metaphor of the ladder. Rich countries climb the ladder while protecting their indigenous industries. They do not allow countries to go there. Crises, crises, epidemics have always upset all the plans of the countries that talk about globalization. The protectionism policies of the countries against each other have resurrected. This trend seems to increase gradually after the epidemic. “

“The epidemic changed the balances in the world in every sense”

Varank pointed out that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic has changed the balances in the world in every sense, political, economic, social and technological, global trade has slowed, employment has shrunk all over the world, and countries’ self-sufficiency has become important. He stated that they strictly adhere to the policies of protecting domestic products and industries against imported products in order to be able to do so.

Stating that an almost reverse globalization era has begun, Varank said:

“As Turkey is no time limit of closing, we have to be in favor of free trade front set of withdrawal, we will not. However, these developments are of course closely watching, we are shaping our policies in the framework of our country’s interests. We know that hidden in our economic and technological superiority of our political independence. Mr. under the leadership of our President with the National Technological Breakthrough Vision We continue on our way with a local and national understanding that we have created. Of course, it is a fact that what we need for the National Technology Move to take place is a total ownership.Our goal is with the whole sector, our industry, our universities, our research centers, our local administrations, our scientists and our young people who are our future. To make our country the technology and production center of the world together.Even a person or an institution staying out of this business, turning its back on this goal hits our achievement. should be owned in every field. Here, public procurement, which constitutes a significant part of the country’s spending, is a great opportunity for this. Public procurements make a great contribution to the indigenization of the products of countries all over the world. It is used in the development of the industry as a demand-driven supportive element. “

“We now produce electronic monitoring systems and equipment with local means”

Varank stated that as the Ministry, they carry out many programs for localization, innovation and technology transfer, and that the Industrial Cooperation Program (SIP) is one of them, and with this program they have replaced the traditional procurement approach with a technology-focused project management approach.

Emphasizing that they adopt the production of high-tech products in a domestic and national way, not from outside, Varank said that they aim to design and manufacture the system, subsystem and all other components in the country as well as the production of the product to be supplied.

Giving details about the program, Varank used the following statements:

“The crucial point in this program is how much the product subject to the tender will be produced with domestic contribution, the technological cooperation and export commitments to be put forward by the bidding companies at the very beginning of the tender. We also enable universities and research centers to participate in the project. We enable the products created with the R&D support of our Ministry to be used in these projects. We previously tendered very important projects in cooperation with our public institutions within the scope of SIP. Thanks to the project we carried out with the Ministry of Justice, the electronic monitoring system. and we produce are no longer with the indigenous capabilities of equipment. this electronic clamps are used as active in combating violence against women. these products were mocked at us as he said the initial diagnosis I like our president. ‘technology produced by Turkey is electronic handcuffs?’ But they did not feel uncomfortable buying these products from Israel for maybe more than 10 years. We are really paving the way for indigenization with such projects. Sport Modern pentathlon weapons and target systems required by our Ministry are also developed by our local manufacturers. Other public tenders to be held within the scope of the Industrial Cooperation Program, with a total cost of approximately 3 billion Euros, continue at full speed. I hope that domestic and national wind turbines, radiosonde devices, x-band meteorology radars will be developed with local means in the coming period. “

Stating that the Kartepe Cable Car Line could not be implemented due to both limited facilities and some technical problems, Varank said, “Thanks to our chairman of Tahir, I will make this cable car with the resources of our municipality.” In order to pave the way for the local industry, it has decided to make the project tender within the scope of the Industrial Cooperation Program. We, as the Ministry of Industry and Technology, carry out the necessary technical studies for the tender with our municipality. he spoke.

With this tender to be held within the scope of the Industrial Cooperation Project, Varank pointed out that an industrialization model will be created in which the domestic facilities and capabilities will be used to the maximum in the production of the ropeway, and that the vehicles that make up the ropeway system, the systems, subsystems and components that can be designed, developed and produced domestically will be determined by the Ministry noted.

Varank stated that value-added and qualified activities will be carried out by domestic companies and that they aim to make the cable car tender in April at the latest.

Stating that the line that will provide access to Kuzuyayla Nature Park with its rich vegetation and Sapanca Lake view will be 4.7 kilometers long, Varank said that the cable car, which will have 2 stations and a capacity of 1500 people per hour, will consist of cabins that can carry 10 people at the same time.

“CHP municipalities, which they say are working perfectly, are actually crashing.”

This project is a first municipalities in Turkey, Varank indicating that including the Industrial Cooperation Project, “I hope to be an example to all the municipalities of that. I want to call this occasion here all our municipalities bride, your such tender Include the Industry Cooperation Project, support the development of our domestic industry and increase the capabilities of our industry by creating a scale. ” said.

Minister Varank emphasized that AK Party municipalities shine like a star with both their actions and their visions, in addition to their municipalities, some of which consist of slogans:

“The CHP municipalities, which they say are working very well, are in fact flaking. Those who want to learn how to be a municipality can visit Kocaeli. Municipalities are a place to serve. It is never a place to create a ground for their dirty alliances like some others. We saw a very obvious example of this yesterday. CHP’s mayor came out and sent greetings to the co-chair of the HDP. This insidious mentality, which wanted to pay the diet of the alliance covered with the HDP by legitimizing its support for terrorism on Women’s Day, was actually revealed once again yesterday. ‘s supporters of terrorism went to his former administration, but Diyarbakır did not even greet their mothers. Supporting the mothers of Diyarbakır, being a showman, saluting the HDP, which clearly cooperates with the terrorist organization, is it humanity? This mentality that makes the CHP and the Good Party a crutch to the terrorist supporters must first raise the voice of the sane names in these parties. I believe that this latest move is a fundamental objection among our citizens who sincerely vote for the CHP and the IYI Party. will open the door. “

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Source: Anadolu Agency / Şahin Oktay

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