British Astronaut Signed ‘Space Bra’

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British Astronaut Signed 'Space Bra'

The MoonWalk London took place between May 15 and Sunday, May 16, its theme was “Out of this World”. A special “Space Bra” also left its mark on these two days.

The MoonWalk London 15 May It took place on Saturday-16 May Sunday, its theme was “Out of this World”. A special “Space Bra “also left its mark on these two days.

Designed by Boadicea Design in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and the Association for Science and Discovery Centers, the bra was signed by astronaut Tim Peake. Astronauts International Space StationThe bra, which is produced based on Sokul, the space suit they wore while going to, seems to be talked about a lot this week.


Walk the Walk is a charity and their fundraising is helping to make great strides in the fight against breast cancer.

Tim Peake posted this photo on Twitter.

Participation in the march organized by Walk the Walk every year is amazing, everyone, men and women, walks in the moonlight at midnight with interesting disguises they wear in the area where the event is held, it is easy to understand where it got its name. However, this year’s activity took place on the virtual platform, and again, everyone adorned their bras and participated in the moon walk from afar, some wore bras printed T-shirts, some tied their bras to their waist, but most importantly, the record was collected again with the floor they made.

Tim Peake.

Tim Peake’s contribution this year, of course, contributed to the increase in the number. Reminding that cancer therapies such as microencapsulation are being investigated at the International Space Station, we learn that Tim Peake supports this organization in order to deliver effective and low-side effects to patients quickly.

Participants walked 100 kilometers – 36 hours during this 2-day event. The most important detail that adds color and motivation to the walk is the interesting bras that are worn. Another coincidence is that since the first spacesuits were both hard and bulky, while NASA was researching to find a solution to this problem, the corset and bra manufacturer Playtex came to help and Playtex played a major role in making the softer and more flexible Apollo spacesuits. We do not forget that Playtex has sponsored The Moon Walk in previous years!

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Here are the guys who chose this website to publicize their headline voices that interest me.

We conclude our article by reminding that breast cancer is seen not only in women but also in men and its dangers.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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