Can A Virus Come From Space? News

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Can A Virus Come From Space?  News

In the last year, the whole world has been living under the influence of the Covid-19 virus. The pandemic period seen 100 years ago has reappeared.

While scientific studies on the virus continue, space work continues.

When there is a virus that emerges even when doing so much medical research, can astronauts from space that we never know about bring viruses?

Virus by definition means a parasite that is smaller than bacteria, has to enter another cell in order to survive, and can only be seen in an electron microscope. So if there is a virus in space, there is life.

The extinction of the dinosaurs was caused by an asteroid impact.

Perhaps there was a virus inside that asteroid that affected them.

In the near future MarsWe will begin to colonize. Since Mars does not have an atmosphere like us, there may be a virus that will kill people in meteorites and rocks. That virus can be transported to our Earth. As an example, a boulder from Mars. Therefore, people who will live on Mars must be careful.

but NASA It strictly takes its precautions in such matters. For example, after successfully performing the Apollo 11 mission and returning to Earth, Michael Collins quarantined Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for 21 days.

Could a Virus From Space Be Dangerous?

Of course, there is no such thing as every virus will be dangerous. A virus from outer space can be harmless, but it can be bad for us because we are not used to that virus.

To explain this with a simple example … For modern humans, the flu virus is at a level that it can be transmitted in 3-5 days by inpatient and medication. But for people living in primitive tribes, getting the flu can lead to death.

It is impossible to deal with a virus we have never known from space, while new vaccination studies are becoming active, despite the fact that 1 year has passed against coronavirus.

The Space Research Committee (Caspar) has developed new measures for this virus research. They are now working with NASA when there are new space attendants.

A review by the National Academy of Sciences in 2018 revealed that the agency “lacks a solid scientific basis” for some of the planetary protection rules.

In preparing to launch the new Mars spacecraft, NASA has not developed policies on how to safely distribute any returned samples to scientists.

It is a private company like Elon Musk and aerospace companies do not yet have a policy regarding this.

We do not know if a deadly virus comes here from space, but even if NASA does not take it importantly, our grandchildren may experience a pandemic process.

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