Casio Presents G-Squad Pro, Smartwatch of the G-Shock Series

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Casio Presents G-Squad Pro, Smartwatch of the G-Shock Series

Casio company always prides itself on the robustness of the G-Shock series. The company has added a new smart watch called G-Squad Pro to its G-Shock series. G-Squad Pro will offer smartwatch users robustness, as well as Wear OS support.

Having outstanding successes in the watch field Casiointroduced the new member of the legendary G-Shock series. The biggest feature of the new generation G-Shock watch will be to provide smart watch service to its users. The company announced that it combines the robustness of G-Shock with smart watch technology.

Casio smart watch, Android It has been reported to use the WearOS system. The smartwatch will have the same iconic solid design we expect from any G-Shock watch. Casio’s new watch has also come to light. It was announced that the smart watch, which will be named Casio G-Squad Pro, will use a color LCD panel and will be equipped with a 1.2-inch double-layer screen. It is reported that the smart watch will not be missing from other G-Shock watches in the series and will look impressive. In addition to superior durability, the smart watch will support 20 bar water resistance. The Casio G-Squad Pro smartwatch is designed to withstand extreme activity.

The smart watch will offer an outstanding success in measuring blood oxygen content and tracking heart rate. Among the features of the device, you will have the technology to monitor your sleep activities and patterns.

Casio Presents G-Squad Pro, Smartwatch of the G-Shock Series

The wearable device will offer 24 indoor exercise options, along with 15 activity monitoring options. Casio will also have a built-in GPS feature for all your navigation and tracking needs. In addition, the smart watch will also have compass and barometer sensors.

As mentioned earlier, Casio G-Squad Pro will run on Android WearOS. So, you get all the features of the WearOS operating system. Casio has added some of its iconic watch faces to add a personal touch. You will also find some special in-house apps to assist you with a variety of tracked data such as altitude measurements, tide charts, road slopes, and more.

All of these features will be housed in a titanium case and the buttons and parts on the top will have an aluminum structure. Finally, we will see up to a month of battery life on this smartwatch, according to the company’s claims.

Official Price of Casio G-Squad Pro

For users, it is an important factor in pricing of technological products rather than their efficiency. If we come to the subject that users are most curious about, the sales price of the Casio G-Squad Pro smart watch will be $ 699 + Taxes.

With this price tag, the Casio brand will compete directly with the high-end Apple Watch. Casio will offer G-Squad Pro users three different color options (Red, Dark Blue and Black).

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