Chernobyl Disaster Is 35 Years Old! News

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Chernobyl Disaster Is 35 Years Old!  News

Greetings! Today is the first day of the week and I write these sentences to you feeling a little sadness and a bit of longing for the past.


Today is the first day of the week and I write these sentences to you feeling a little sadness and a bit of longing for the past.

Why do I think that way? Because today, 26 Engagementso Chernobyl Nuclear 35th anniversary of the Power Plant becoming a “Living Wreck” …

Spacemag Turkey as an author, July 9, 2019 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant I found the ride and opportunity recognition. I saw and felt what happened there, deaths, despair and many other things.

Here, the sadness I’ve heard is called Chernobyl. My longing for the past is a desire to be there again.

And I will go again.

Going to Chernobyl

Actually, I gave the answer to this in the article series published before. I told you that I saw it somewhere when I was a child, and that I decided to go to university.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in front of the fourth reactor that exploded, the Fire Brigade Monument.

Before I left, I had great reactions from my family, friends, university professors and other acquaintances. Are you Mad? What are you doing in Chernobyl? Are you out of your mind? People died there, you’re going there! There was nothing good about it.

Well, do you know why so many people think that way? Because they are afraid. Yes, you did not hear it wrong. Fear stops their minds and they respond with a direct reaction. As a result, it is also normal for people older or older than you to react in this way considering your well-being, because radiation poses a serious danger to health. Remember, the best thing you can find in Chernobyl is radiation.

“How It Happened?” book cover.


So why did I go? Because I was wondering. Because it affected all humanity, and I had to be in the living wreckage, to testify. Such a living wreck has been the cause of the painful death of thousands of people. Such a living debris has caused thousands of children to be born disabled and have cancer. It also caused a loss of 300 billion dollars and I think it was the event that brought the end of the USSR. The number of deaths given by the USSR is still unchanged. Only 31 people …

I’m still wondering. There are many information and documents that I still cannot access. I am currently writing a book on Chernobyl and there are so many things that I do not know that I cannot tell you.

In fact, the article I wrote today will be more about book proposals. My advice to you would be to start the books after reading the Living Wreck article series. If there is a point that you see wrong or missing, you can send it to me.

I share with you the books that you will not drown in the technical terms of nuclear energy and have simple and fluent explanations.

“How it Happened?” Written by Anatoly Dyatlov, one of the leading actors of the Chernobyl disaster. so “How did it happen?” I am sharing with you a book that we can translate as. Unfortunately it does not have Turkish but I think you can read it by translating.

I can recommend all of the books authored by Nobel Prize-winning author Svetlana Alexievich. “Chernobyl Prayer” is my favorite work.

Books by Svetlana Alexievich.

Finally, my advice is to read the article series “Living Debris”. The article series, which consists of 15 chapters in total, describes both Chernobyl and the Chernobyl Museum.

Hopefully, Chernobyl won’t happen again.

You can reach the address for your ideas, suggestions or feedback.


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