China Gears Up: Target is to Land Humans on Mars by 2033

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China Gears Up: Target is to Land Humans on Mars by 2033

The Red Planet race is heating up.

The Red Planet race is heating up. China, Marsannounced plans to put people in: Target 2033!

Human carriers as China shares plans to send humans to Mars rocket He added that they are targeting 2033 for their flights.

Wang Xiaojun is the largest rocket manufacturer in China. He’s obsessed with starting multiple flights to establish a base on Mars. The Beijing administration aims to reach the natural resources of the planet by establishing a permanent settlement here.

One space In the speech shared via video link at the research conference, the rocket manufacturer announced that several journeys will take place in a row, and that the dates of several phased missions are 2033, 2035, 2037 and 2041.


Official China Space Newsi also announced that the missions that the robots explored will be realized before these manned flights, and it seems that the robots will analyze the settlement area where the base will be established and start the necessary technological preparations to reach the resources.

This year is full of initiatives on Mars. newswas not interrupted. Elon Musk says “Starship”, CNSA shares Zhurong photos, SpaceX Starship SN15 goes down in history as the first step to the city to be built on Mars… Space experts continue to share their excitement about Zhurong on social media. The photograph taken by the traveler was even called a ‘family portrait’.

Source: Space Mag Turkey

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