Chinese Vivo Brand Will Enter The Tablet Market!

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Chinese Vivo Brand Will Enter The Tablet Market!

Vivo, which continues its life under the BBK Electronics company, is preparing to launch a tablet for the first time alongside the smart phones it has designed. The company will launch the Vivo Pad in the fourth quarter of this year!

chinese Vivo, tablet It has announced that it will enter the PC market. The company was originally established in 2009, headquartered in China, and is a technology company under BBK Electronics.

Also, the company said that it will launch its first tablet device in the fourth quarter of this year. It’s worth noting that Vivo and its independent sub-brand iQOO will reportedly launch tablet and laptop products last year. At that time, Vivo had registered trademarks such as Vivo Pad, iQOO Pad, iQOO Book and NEX Book. A few days ago, Vivo also registered the Vivo Pad trademark in Europe. Vivo tablet name European Union Appeared in the Intellectual Property Office.

Chinese Vivo Brand Will Enter The Tablet Market!

The visual patent of the Vivo tablet has been leaked before. According to the leaked image, the front of the Vivo tablet appears to keep up with the current mainstream available in the market and adopt a full-screen design.

Also, the rear camera module seems to adopt a “cloud-level” design with Vivo’s unique features.

The technical specifications of the device have not been fully disclosed. However, according to the rumors, it is said that it will have a MediaTek or Qualcomm processor. In addition, it is among the information that it will have 4GB RAM and 6GB RAM capacity, and will use 8040 mAh as battery power. It is reported that the sale price will be determined on the launch date.

Not Just Vivo: Other Chinese Brands Enter the Tablet Market

It has been reported that the Oppo brand wants to enter the tablet market and is in the process of working on a new product. Its independent sub-brand Realme has recently announced that the laptop i.e. Realme Book and tablet called Realme Pad will be launching soon.

Affected by the epidemic, the tablet PC market began to rise. Taking 2020 as an example, the global tablet PC market grew 19.5% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to information published by IDC. In the PC market, shipments reached 52.2 million units, the highest level since 49.9 million units.

The Xiaomi brand became silent in this area after the Xiaomi mi Pad 4, which it launched in 2018. When technology manufacturers saw the revival of this market, they started to design the fifth generation model. However, it is unknown when the Xiaomi mi Pad 5 tablet will be released.

We have only two explanations for this. First, the market is experiencing a shortage of processors. That’s why manufacturers order chipsets only for products that have priorities. Second, the tablet features requirements of users have changed a lot. That’s why companies need to review their tablet making strategy, philosophy, and plans. Otherwise, their products will not meet the new requirements and will remain on the shelves.

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