Covid: fake coranavirus test for $ 150, vaccine for $ 500 on the ‘deep internet’

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Covid: fake coranavirus test for $ 150, vaccine for $ 500 on the 'deep internet'

Covid-19 vaccines, vaccine passports and counterfeit on the deep web (deep internet), which can only be accessed with certain programs on the Internet coronavirus test results are sold.

The price of the Astra Zeneca, Sputnik, Sinopharm and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) vaccines ranges from $ 500 to $ 750.

Fake vaccine certificates, on the other hand, find buyers at prices starting from $ 150.

Researchers say there has been a huge increase in vaccine-related dark web advertisements recently.

It is not known whether the vaccines sold are real.

Vaccine advertisements tripled

Experts from the international cybersecurity company, Check Point, have been watching the sites on this network since January, when the first vaccine announcements were made.

Experts say the number of postings has tripled to exceed 1200 during this time.

It is stated that the sellers are from countries such as the USA, England, Spain, Germany, France and Russia.

Some of the postings appear to be in Russian as well as in English.

Advertisements ask $ 500 for the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, $ 600 for Janssen and Sputnik vaccines, and $ 750 for Sinopharm vaccine.

“Please leave a message for overnight delivery or urgent delivery,” says one of the vendors, stating that the vaccines can be delivered the next day.

Buy two, the third one is free

Another forum for fake PCR tests is called “There are negative Covid tests for those who will travel abroad. If you get two negative tests, the third is free.”

Check Point experts point out that it is extremely difficult to find vendors because payments on the dark web are made with Bitcoin.

A vendor contacted by these experts asked only the name and the dates they wanted to print on the certificate for the fake vaccination certificate, “Don’t worry. This is our job. We did it over and over and there was no problem,” he said.

“It is extremely risky to get a vaccine, vaccination card or negative test result in this way, because hackers are more interested in your money and personal information,” said Oded Vanunu, a Check Point expert.

Vanunu said they received a Sinopharm vaccine from a hacker for $ 750 for their research, but it hasn’t reached them yet.

Check Point advises all countries to switch to the QR code system to prevent fraud.

Some tourism companies require vaccination certificates for reservation.

England is considering transitioning to the vaccine passport system. This system’s bars or Sport It is stated that it can be used to enter places such as halls.

European Union (EU) officials also announced that they are making “Green Digital Certificate” plans. It is planned that those who have had a Covid vaccine, or those who test negative or who have recovered from coronavirus will be able to travel within the EU borders with these certificates.

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