Cyber ​​attack on Facebook: Do you have your mobile phone number among the compromised information?

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Cyber ​​attack on Facebook: Do you have your mobile phone number among the compromised information?

The website Business Insider claimed that 533 million Facebook users from 106 countries shared their phone numbers and personal data online for free on a hacker platform.

Business Insider judicial internet site, a hacker 533 million from 106 countries Facebook claimed that the phone numbers and personal data of the user were shared online for free. Information and Communication Technologies Authority in Turkey (ICTA), asked for clarification from Facebook users about 20 million from Turkey. “Have I Been Pwned” internet On the website, you can see whether your information has been published by entering your phone number or e-mail address.

, you need to write your number with the international code, for example, if you are using a Turkish number, start with +9053 …

Facebook announced that the hack, where mostly electronic mail addresses and phone numbers were exposed, occurred in 2019.

Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK), from Facebook; phone numbers and e-mail address, date of birth to the location-specific information to users in Turkey wants to make a statement about the alleged theft.

According to the information provided by Anadolu Agency from BTK, “The data of 533 million users on Facebook is shared free of charge on a hacker platform” the newsThe officials of the institution sent an official letter to Facebook on April 4 and demanded that the information about the affected citizens and the measures taken be notified.

Business Insider internet of the site newsIn in, the United States released the personal information of more than 32 million, about 20 million from Turkey, Britain 11 million, 6 million of which is from India; It was alleged that the information in question included telephone numbers, location information, dates of birth, and e-mail information.

Security experts warned that the data could be used by hackers for fraud.

Facebook, on the other hand, announced that the access to the database took place 1.5 years ago and that the problem was overcome.

However, the data captured during the cyber attack is a internet It was understood that it was newly revealed on the site.

HaveIBeenPwned internet Not every user information, but 500 million phone numbers and several million e-mail addresses were revealed, said Troy Hunt, security expert at the site.

HaveIBeenPwned, an internet security-related website, has developed a system that allows checking phone numbers upon increasing traffic while sharing whether or not only e-mail addresses have been seized before.

Speaking to the BBC, Hunt said, “Facebook should take a clear position on this issue, they are referring to an incident that took place in 2019, but this information is not enough to explain the blown data. This vulnerability is shaped around a lot of speculation,” he said.

Cyber ​​attack on Facebook: Do you have your mobile phone number among the compromised information?

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