Deepfake technology: Israel-based pedigree site produces fake videos of dead people

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Israel-based family tree site MyHeritage has developed an application that “animates” the dead relatives of users with deepfake technology.

Deepfake technology enables the production of fake videos with high reality from face photos with the help of artificial intelligence.

The company announced that in the application called Deep Nostalgia, “to prevent misuse such as the creation of fake videos of living people”, no sound is included in the videos.

‘We could not remain indifferent to this technology’

The frequently asked questions section of the site states that the new application is for “nostalgia” purposes:

“This feature that brings our loved ones back to life can be seen as ‘magical’ by some and ‘spooky’ by some. The results may be controversial, but it is difficult to be indifferent to this technology.”

Deep Nostalgia technology was developed by the Israeli company D-ID. This technology, in which artificial intelligence is used, is based on the face and body movements of living persons.

The site features “animated” videos of historical figures such as Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale.

Earlier this month, the company released a video of 16th US President Abraham Lincoln on YouTube on its birthday.

Lincoln “speaks” in this video, who died in an assassination in 1865.

After this controversial video, some users started posting videos of their lost relatives on Twitter.

‘Fake Christmas message from the Queen’

Channel 4 Television in the UK, the lie of deepfake technology news In order to draw attention to the danger of using it for spreading, he had created a fake Queen video made in this way.

In the video, the Queen gave an alternative “Christmas message” to the public.

The UK government is preparing a legislation on deepfake technology.

The Parliamentary Commission demands that the consent of people whose videos are made with deepfake technology be obtained.


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