Deniz Işın Coşkuner: We are in the final stage of the national social media platform

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Deniz Işın Coşkuner: We are in the final stage of the national social media platform

Deniz Işın Coşkuner, a young businessman whose name has come to the fore in Turkey recently, made statements regarding the social media platform they will implement with the local and national coding they are working on. Coşkuner said that they have reached the final stage on the national social media platform.

world social media It is almost doomed to the United States in terms of its platforms. The most used social media and sharing and communication applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp were either implemented by US entrepreneurs or bought by US companies by being forward-thinking, or negotiations are underway for their acquisition.


Young businessman Deniz Işın Coşkuner expressed her dissatisfaction with this situation and said that they took action. Coşkuner said, “Why should we depend on other countries in technology applications as in every other subject. With a few million dollars investment, we can create billion-dollar brands a few years from now. We want to see the support of the state on this issue. We create a national social media platform with our own capital We have started the works and I can say that we have come to the end of these works”.


Young businessman Deniz Işın Coşkuner continued her explanations as follows:

“We will include features in many social media applications that are in one but not in the other. When we explain it like this, it may be perceived that other platforms are copied, but today the needs and services offered are similar to each other. For example, we will have the same Trend Topic list on Twitter. But what subject Customers who can see very detailed analytical data used by how many people in which province or district.

In the first place, it will be an application that allows link sharing with a 300-character limit. It will also be possible to share audio, video and photos with one click. When we launch it as beta at the beginning of 2022, I hope we will embrace this project as a nation.”

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