Denmark Builds Wind Turbine Farm Island!

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Denmark Builds Wind Turbine Farm Island!

Denmark marks a first.

I don’t know how else to describe the Global Green Pass- dI made it my duty to talk about projects that benefit natural life, the environment and the climate, and contribute to sustainability.Yes, among my recycling activities in the environment I live in, I support the additional collection point where the municipality cannot grow, as well as preparing activities for the school eco children’s club, even in my play I wrote a few years ago. It is not a new curiosity, as I draw attention to the matter.

Practices such as energy efficiency, pollution prevention and control, sustainability of natural resources, protection of biodiversity, environmentally friendly clean transportation and sustainable water …

When I heard about this green project started in Denmark, I couldn’t resist it again!

We are all familiar with wind turbines, but we have never encountered a project of this size. The wind turbine farm island that will power three million homes is the first in the world.

TAM 238,357,980,000TL

200 turbines to be installed on an artificial island to be built on an area the size of 18 football fields, approximately 210 billion kronor, 238,357,980,000.00To Turkish lira will cost.

A project of this size has never been seen before in Danish history and may take 2033 to complete.

It will not only transport energy to homes, it will also make a significant contribution to renewable energy – that is, it will meet the need for green hydrogen used in aviation and heavy transport!

Hoping that the next giant project will take place in our country, which has proven its success in this field.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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