“Do not click on every message sent to your Instagram account” warning

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"Do not click on every message sent to your Instagram account" warning

Kürşat Ergün, the President of the Information Technology Law Association, warned users against the fraudulent activity on Instagram recently, and said that users should not click on any link that they did not receive confirmation.

Kürşat Ergün, President of the Information Technology Law Association, recently Instagramseen in fraud While warning users against its activity, he said that users should not click on any link that they do not receive confirmation.

Ergün, whose opinions were given in the statement made by the Information Technology Law Association, said that the fraudsters were social media stated that he was trying to take over his accounts.

Noting the fraudulent activity on Instagram recently, Ergün said, “Fraudsters, who have come across with many different methods until today, have recently sent phishing e-mails and direct messages to users containing fake copyright infringement notifications, as if they were sent to Instagram accounts from the Instagram company management. With this method, many Instagram users who fall into the network of fraudsters come to our association for help. ” used the expressions.

Giving information about the details of the fraudulent activity, Ergün said:

“Scammers send a message with a warning like ‘Your account will be permanently deleted due to copyright infringement’, ‘A copyright infringement has been detected in a post on your account’ in order to capture their Instagram accounts. In the message, if you think that the copyright infringement is wrong, you need to provide feedback, otherwise, your account is reported to be closed within 12 or 24 hours This message usually looks like an official Instagram post.

When users see this message, they click on the links sent in panic and follow the instructions of the fraudsters with the thought that the violation will be lifted. If the specified link is clicked, the account is captured by fraudsters and user passwords are changed. “

Underlining that the fraudsters who took over the account demand a ransom to return the account or have taken some illegal actions through these accounts, Ergün said, “Users exposed to such a fraudulent activity should first report the issue to the Instagram management from the Instagram corporate communication, go to the nearest public prosecutor’s office and apply to the nearest Criminal Judgeships of Peace to block access to the account in question. Otherwise, there may be much greater damages for Instagram users. ” found in the description.

Ergün made the following recommendations to protect Instagram users from such fraudulent activities:

“Even if it came from someone in your friend list, it should not be clicked on any link sent without confirming it directly. This is also the case for messages that appear to be sent from Instagram management. A short search should be done on the internet to check the accuracy of the incoming message or mail. URL addresses of the links should be checked carefully. . The Instagram application should be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store. Care should be taken to ensure that the passwords used in the Instagram account and e-mail address are strong, two or even three-step verification methods should be activated. Passwords and passwords should be updated with certain narrow intervals. “

Source: Anadolu Agency / Abdulkadir Günyol

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