Do We Have Other Satellites Other Than The Moon?

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Do We Have Other Satellites Other Than The Moon?

There are more than 200 known satellites in our Solar System.

There are more than 200 known satellites in our Solar System. Marstwo small satellites of Jupiter79 satellites of Saturn” has 82 moons, Uranus has 27 moons, Neptune has 14 moons, Mercury and Venushas no known satellites.

The Earth has 1 satellite. But is the moon our only satellite?

Satellite refers to a celestial body orbiting a planet or other satellite in a certain orbit.

Sometimes small objects enter the orbit of our Earth. But since these are out of orbit in a very short time, they do not assume the title of natural satellites like the Moon.

In 2006, the asteroid named 2006 RH120 entered the Earth’s gravitational field. He stayed in this area for approximately 18 months.

In 2016, an asteroid that could not be considered a satellite, but a side satellite, was discovered.

2016 HO3 orbits our Earth. But because it’s so far away, it doesn’t count as a satellite.


In the past 2020, two astronomers announced that they discovered an asteroid in orbit of the Earth as part of the Catalina Sky Survey project funded by NASA. The asteroid named ‘2020 CD3’ orbits the Earth in 47 days.

Astronomer Kacper Wierzchos working on the project interpreted the asteroid as a mini moon.

It is said that we currently orbit an asteroid named 2020 So, which entered in October 2020 and will be released in May of this year. But it is widely thought that this was the Surveyor 2 rocket launched in 1966.

There is another satellite in the orbit of our Earth that has been the subject of theories and legends. The Dark Knight satellite, which is said to be about 13 thousand years old. It received the signal of the satellite by Nikola Tesla in 1899.

If it is strange on the satellite, it returns as a confusion in a certain alignment. Many pilots from the US Air Force claimed to have seen this satellite.

According to NASA, it is nothing more than space garbage. Regardless, the Dark Knight satellite is still an unsolved puzzle.

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