Dune Post Series -6: The Dune Heretics – News

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Dune Post Series -6: The Dune Heretics - News

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

I’m here with the sixth episode of the dune article series.

In this article Frank HerbertI will be introducing you to the fifth book of the series in which the Dune universe approaches from a slightly different point and the dose of action increases.

“If a role lasts too long, it becomes reality”

1,500 years have passed since the death of Tirana (second Leto). The disintegration and famine predicted by Leto took place, and the communities dispersed in all four corners of the universe began to return to the known universe.

There is no imperial system as before and melange can be produced artificially. While the balance of power in the universe is more variable than ever before, a group that calls itself Respected Mothers has begun to make their power felt strongly in the known universe. This community especially targeting the Bene Gesserit and the planets they dominated; It does not accept any other approach other than complete obedience and submission.

Unbelievers of the world.

On the home planet of the Bene Gesserit community in a hidden corner of the universe, the priestesses make plans to eliminate the threat in question and procure Duncan Idaho gholas for their own special purposes from the genetic geniuses of the Bene Tleilaxu dynasty. Due to the assassination of many of the Duncan Idaho ghola, Chief Miles Teg, a descendant of Atreides who had previously served the priesthood, has been recalled from retirement. Events that will take place after this stage will change the face of the universe.

“Verbal protests had ceased, but that meant that they were always preparing to resort to violence.”

Indeed, in this part of the series, we observe a significant increase in action dose. Especially in the second half of the book, the acceleration reaches a level that almost throws stones in action movies. In addition, it will be very satisfying for readers who are curious about the structures of these communities to be touched on the functioning and internal structures of the Bene Tleilaxu and Bene Gesserit as never before mentioned. The mysterious methods and game-changing presences of the Honorable Mothers also add a different excitement to the book.

I would like to draw attention to a couple of points that caught my eye in the book The Heretics of Dune. Towards the end of the book, one of the chapters where the action peaks is too long and the other is too short, which stuns the reader and harms the flow. Secondly; It was really interesting to me that the Dune Heretics is perhaps the most sexual episode of the series, and this does not contribute much to the flow of the book.

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