Dune Script – 1: The Mind (s) Behind the Legend

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Dune Script - 1: The Mind (s) Behind the Legend

Hello dear science fiction lovers.

Hello dear science fiction lovers.

Hilmi Volkan Güven.

It makes me very happy to see that the Dune series again aroused interest both with the film that Denis Villeneuve shot globally and will be released in 2021 and the books published in the science fiction series in our country.

I thought it would be enjoyable to present to you the main series (written by Frank Herbert) covering a period of 5 thousand years in terms of its content and the expanded universe continued by other authors as a series of articles and at a level of detail that will not bore you.

I hope that when I complete the series, I will have shared with you many details of this epic series that you will enjoy knowing.

“I shouldn’t be afraid, fear is the killer of the mind”

To understand the Dune series, I think it is essential to understand Frank Herbert’s life (1920-1986) and his sources of inspiration. He came to Earth in 1920 in Washington (Tacoma) in a poor family. He wanted to be a writer when he was only eight years old. In fact, his curious and investigative side started to show himself in school life. Friends on many things they do not know (even when there is no internet

) were consulting him.

This aspect brought along some difficulties during the growth period; he wanted to work in areas of his interest, rather than giving the lectures required to complete college. For this reason, he often had to change his work and place of residence.

“Whoever controls spice controls the universe”

His inspiration came in 1953 when the American Forestry Unit in Oregon was researching to write an article about the project to contain dunes (Dune). When he combined his extensive research on this subject with his knowledge of ecology, religion, politics, power and mysticism (at the end of a six-year study); The result was the first book of the epic series “Dune”, which was rejected by about twenty-three publishing houses but won many awards, including the first Nebula award and the Hugo award when published.

“Hope destroys observation”

Frank Herbert.

Although Frank Herbert’s most well-known work is the Dune series, in his sixty-year lifetime the author has put together nearly thirty novels and short stories, six of which belong to the Dune series, and has fundamentally influenced science fiction literature.

After his death, his sons Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson (using notes from Frank Herbert) wrote many works that would expand the Dune universe. I will mention the series written by them in a separate article.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did. You can find an extensive interview of about eighty minutes with Frank Herbert.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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