Dune Script-4: Dune Christ & Dune Children

Dune Script-4: Dune Christ & Dune Children

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

I’m here with the fourth episode of the Dune article series.

In this article, I will examine the Dune Christ and the Dune Children, where the series is now getting deeper.

Understanding these two books is of great importance in order to be able to analyze “Dune’s Emperor of God”, which is the next book of the series and which I will examine as one, just like “Desert planet Dune”.

-Dune Messiah-

Dune Messiah.

“Over analysis is the enemy of truth”

The Dune Messiah begins at a time when Paul wears the imperial crown and imposes his power to every corner of the universe known to the fanatical Fremen, practitioners of the holy jihad. Although there is no power center within the empire that can revolt visibly against him, despite all the powers of prophecy, Paul senses the existence of conspiracies prepared for him and for himself and worries for the life of his unborn twin children with his chamber Chani. In the midst of all this intricate conspiracy, a Gulam (conditioned by the Bene Teleilaxu Dynasty) genetic copy) the ancient Atreides swordsman; Duncan Idaho. How will the trick inside the fraud be solved?

Frank Herbert, in the Dune Messiah, draws attention to the fact that power is gathering people around him who are corrupt or, in his words, already corrupt ones, but in fact, he describes how people and positions that we see as having mutlassk power can actually be trapped and despair within the MIT they created.

Meanwhile, the Bene Gesserit, an ancient school of mental and physical education where women were admitted, suspects that Paul Atreides, the heir to the Atrides dynasty, is Kuisatz Haderah (a male Bene Gesserith who will bridge space and time), as a result of the genetic reproduction plan they have been pursuing for thousands of years. they are advancing as usual.

“The trick in the trick in the trick”

I guess I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said it was one of the peaks of science fiction for the Dune book. As you may (or will realize) when you read it, Frank Herbert has indeed made profound inferences in this novel on ecology, politics, sociology, religions, human nature, the definition and use of power, and shares them without sparing the reader.

Although this situation brings the quality of his work to a very high level, I see it possible for those who are new to science fiction that the language of writing can be heavy and bored.

In addition, although the Dune book begins closer to the end of the epic’s timeline (the Expanded universe covers a period of 32,000 years between -16,000 and +16,000) (around +10,100), Frank Herbert will start with Dune and take about 6,000 years when designing this series and ” He had designed a series of seven books that would end in “Hunters of Dune” (He was able to write six of them himself).

For these reasons, although I think it is not chronologically the best decision to start the series, I recommend you to step into this universe with the first book, Dune, in order to increase your reading pleasure.

-Dune Kids-

Dune Children.

“Two things don’t work together: the present and the future. But if you really know your past, if you can look into the past and see where you are, maybe then you can have a future.”

After the events of the Dune Messiah, Paul went into exile to the desert in accordance with the ancient Fremen tradition, leaving the administration of the empire to his brother Alia by proxy until his son Leto and daughter Ganima grew up.

But one of the dominant lower selves (Baron Vladimir Harkonnen), one of the things that the Bene Gesserit fear most, has taken over Alia’s mind. On the other hand, the same danger exists among the children of Paul whose lower selves awaken in their mother’s womb, and their fates will also be shaped by the struggle they will fight.

At the same time, a charismatic blind preacher criticizes Alia and his rule with his sermons in Dune and confuses the public. Could this Preacher be Paul Atreides, the former emperor whose fate is unknown?

In the third book of the series, Frank Herbert has written a novel in which political games and conflicts are at a high level in the series, especially focusing on the game of thrones.

With this novel, the story of characters we are familiar with from previous novels, except one, is now coming to an end and lays the groundwork for the next book of the series, Dune’s Emperor of God (which passed approximately 3,500 years later).

Note: If you are curious about the developments between Dune and Dune Christ, you can read the book “Paul of Dune”, which has not been translated into Turkish yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I have written.

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