Dune Script-5: Dune God Emperor

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Dune Script-5: Dune God Emperor

Hello dear science fiction lovers.

Hello dear science fiction lovers. I’m here with the fifth episode of the Dune article series. In this article, I will examine perhaps the most interesting (and difficult to read) book of the series, which includes the least action but makes deep determinations about management, politics and power and tells about the series after a serious time jump.

“After all, one prefers at least a devil he knows and knows”

Dune God Emperor.

3,500 years have passed since the second Leto initiated his transformation and took his crown from Alia. Leto has now almost completed his transformation into a sand worm, but has turned into a sand worm with only his face and hands remaining in human form.

During this period, the familiar universe was more orderly than ever before, the production and distribution of the spice was tightly controlled by Leto, and interplanetary travels and many developments were limited in line with Leto’s request. Fremen have now become a community that only exists as a representation.

In this period of forced order and prosperity, Leto continues his own gene researches and his studies on the Golden Path, which he sees as prophecy, on the other hand, he records his experiences in his diaries in order to convey his views to future generations correctly.

However, there have always been variables that cannot be controlled in the Dune universe. The name of the variable this time is Duncan Idaho, who has been reproduced as gula hundreds of times in 3,500 years by order of Leto. Big change is at the door.

“Either compromise with him or kill him”

As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, although the series is the least actionable and the most difficult to read in certain respects, we are confronted with a truly magnificent book for readers interested in throne games.

The loneliness, melancholy and boredom that Leto experienced only because of the actions he took in order to achieve success in the social engineering project (Golden Road), which he saw as a prophecy, with his superior powers, long life and prophetic ability, is very well explained in the novel.

From the reader perspective, I can say that it is a novel that requires a lot of effort to read and digest but pays a lot.

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