Dune Series -7: Coven of Sisters

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Dune Series -7: Coven of Sisters

Hello dear science fiction lovers.

Hello dear science fiction lovers. I’m here with the last episode of the Dune series. In this article Frank HerbertI’ll introduce the Coven of Dune, the last book in the series written by ‘s Dune universe (by Brian herbert and Kevin J. Anderson of Dune Hunters).

The Honorable Mothers continue to destroy and take over planets ruled by the Bene Gesserit with all their might, and the circle around the Sisterhood is shrinking day by day.

“Everything is based on interests”

The new Mother Superior, Darwi Odrade, is a child clone of Archpriest Miles Teg, who died during the struggle with the Honorable Mothers on Arrakis to deal with the near-inevitable defeat, and Murbella, a former Honorable Mother he trained for the priesthood and hid in a no-ship. wants to take advantage. The time of reckoning with the Honored Mothers is approaching and the absolute power that will rule the universe awaits its new owner.

The Sisterhood of Dune.

“The difference between sentimentality and sentimentality is clear. It’s sentimental to avoid crushing someone’s pet on the road. It’s sentimental to kill pedestrians because I won’t crush the animal.”

In the last book of the series, the Dune Saga, written by Frank Herbert and published in Turkish, the plots are again masterfully knitted, and progress step by step towards an end that will truly surprise the reader.

One of my favorite aspects of this book in the series is; At the risk of being boring, he gave us more details on the workings of the Bene Gesserit than ever before in other books, and gave us a better understanding of this mysterious brotherhood.

At the end of the book, I can’t give the details, by giving a clue to the beginning of the new stories that he will continue in his book “Dune Hunters” through Duncan Idaho, keeping our curiosity alive for the next books in the series.

Stay well.

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