Dune Text Series -3: Desert Planet

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Dune Text Series -3: Desert Planet

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

Hello, dear science fiction lovers.

Hilmi Volkan Gu¨ven.

I’m here with the third part of the Dune article series. In this article, I will examine the first book of the series and the beginning of the legend, Dune.

Of the series TurkeyAlthough I intend to examine the other books published in Dune as a double or triple, Dune is the first book in the series and deserves a separate review of its own due to its weight. If you’re ready, we’re getting started.

“It takes cunning to rule.”

Spice; The desert planet Dune is home to the only deadly giant worms and equally deadly indigenous warriors (Fremen) in the known universe. In addition to the effects of increasing life-prolonging, vitality and divination ability, space It is an indispensable substance that creates a high degree of addiction in the realization of the travel.

The task of extracting this valuable material, whose alternative cannot be produced and found, is for certain periods. King It is given to the dynasties chosen by the emperor. These dynasties also made the spice during this period. harvest they supply the empire with their work.

“It is sad to leave friends. But a place is just a place.”

Contrary to what was expected, our book begins a day before a fatal test on the planet Caladan, where the Atreides dynasty ruled instead of the planet Dune (Arrakis). While it is evident from the titles used that the aristocracy still maintains its validity, we understand that we have stepped into a medium and technology blended universe that will be easily adopted by readers who are especially interested in history.

Dune-Desert Planet.

Technophobia of artificial intelligence is due to the fact that there are many power centers (dynasties, schools, Sultan, trade and space guilds) that do not have absolute power alone (dynasties, schools, sultans, trade and space guilds), the war between people and thinking machines thousands of years ago and people hardly prevailed (Butler’s Jihad). Spice (Spice-Melange), which is an indispensable ingredient, is in the middle of everything.

The Atreides dynasty is completing the preparations to go to the Dune to take over the spice production from the Harkonnen dynasty, which is already its mortal enemy, and perhaps embark on a plot that will cause their own extinction behind closed doors.

Meanwhile, the Bene Gesserit, an ancient school of mental and physical education where women were admitted, suspects that Paul Atreides, the heir to the Atrides dynasty, is Kuisatz Haderah (a male Bene Gesserith who will bridge space and time), as a result of the genetic reproduction plan they have been pursuing for thousands of years. They are advancing as usual.

“The trick in the trick in the trick”

I guess I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said that Dune book is one of the peaks of science fiction. As you have noticed (or you will realize) when you read, Frank Herbert made profound inferences on ecology, politics, sociology, religions, human nature, the definition and use of power in this novel, and shared them without sparing the reader. Although this situation raises the quality of his work to a very high level, I find it possible for those who are new to science fiction to get bored with the writing language.

In addition, although the Dune book begins closer to the end of the epic’s timeline (the Expanded universe covers a period of 32,000 years between -16,000 and +16,000) (around +10,100), Frank Herbert will start with Dune and take about 6,000 years when designing this series and ” He had designed a series of seven books that would end in “Hunters of Dune” (He was able to write six of them himself). For these reasons, I recommend that you step into this universe with the first book, Dune, in order to increase your reading pleasure, although it is not the chronologically correct decision to start the series.

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