Earth’s Eye in Space Hubble Is ‘Blind’

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Earth's Eye in Space Hubble Is 'Blind'

NASA is in trouble of repairing the computer that controls the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA Hubble Space He’s in trouble repairing the computer that controls his telescope.

Last week, Hubble went completely offline after a strange glitch.

Thanks to Hubble, which was sent into space in 1990, we started to reach the details of the universe. Slowly orbiting Earth, Hubble recorded the birth and death of stars, found moons around Pluto, and captured two interstellar objects passing through our Solar System. It even helped astronomers calculate the age of the universe.

With the sudden shutdown of the Payload computer, NASA turned its attention to this computer built in the 1980s, which we can call Hubble’s brain, and started data analysis. JuneThe engineers, who made three separate attempts to repair the computer that suddenly stopped in , have not yet reached the source of the problem.


In order to repair this computer, which controls and monitors all of the scientific and technical tools at Hubble -assuming that the problem may be caused by the memory module-, one of the 3 backups was first switched. However, this attempt failed. They tried to make both the broken and the backup online, but that didn’t work either.

This means they will need to continue testing and gathering information from the system to get to the root of the problem.

All vehicles are in safe mode and everything is safe.

If NASA doesn’t succeed with the first backup, it can switch to the second backup.

Hubble, which has undergone many repairs and maintenance for 30 years, had a software error in the past months, and was online again after NASA solved the problem after it was switched to safe mode.

Accustomed to the repair visits of astronauts, new initiatives were always made in the five visits to Hubble. At the beginning of the changes and upgrades were the new computer, new battery, new camera, new spectrograph, as well as insulation innovations.

While the hard work continues, thanks to the backup, Hubble continues to work, and thanks to this, it will return to its old form again, but in November, the space telescope named James Webb will throw Hubble’s shoe on the roof.

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Source: Space Mag Turkey

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