Edge browser will Auto Open Microsoft Office Files!

Edge browser will Auto Open Microsoft Office Files!

While expanding the usage area of ​​Windows 10, Microsoft company continues to bring new features to the Edge browser at the same time. Microsoft has added two new features to the Edge browser.

In particular, Microsoft is bringing new updates to make the Edge browser gain more uses.

The company has released a new beta version that reveals two new features for the Microsoft Edge browser. Thanks to this new feature published; You will be able to view Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents directly in the browser. Also, Windows You will have it in integration with the search engine.

These innovations will be available in the Edge 92 preview version for Windows and macOS platforms. The beta version of Edge 92 will offer the “Office Viewer” feature that allows you to view office documents directly in the browser using the web version of Office. According to the information, this new feature is under development and can be activated independently. To do this, go to the “Downloads” section in the browser settings and enable the “Quick view of Office files on the Internet using the Office Viewer” option.

Windows Edge Browser Continues to Get New Features

This option makes the Edge more functional and also saves time as users do not need to open Office each time to view a specific document.

It is also reported that the Office Viewer functionality will protect against malware distributed with office documents. Edge 92 also comes with integration with Windows Internal Search. However, this feature does not work with existing builds of the software platform.

Most likely, it will be possible to activate after one of the future updates of Windows 10. Thanks to this tool; Browsing history, recent tabs, favorites, etc. It allows you to use the search on the taskbar to interact with.

It is also possible that Microsoft plans to use Edge’s integration with Windows Internal Search in place of the Timeline synchronization feature of the Windows 10 21H2 (Sun Valley) update, which is expected to be removed from the operating system after its release.

Microsoft Says There Are Over 1.3 Billion Windows 10 Users

CEO Satya Nadella in the summary of Microsoft’s third quarter of the fiscal year ending on March 31st; It announced that Windows 10 is currently being used on more than 1.3 billion devices. This suggests that Microsoft has been able to increase the speed of deployment of its own software platform.

Statistics indicate that Windows 10 users who have crossed the 1 billion mark are the milestone and are moving fast to achieve their goals. In addition to using Windows 10, the company wants to increase its usability in ancillary services such as the Edge browser.

In line with these published data, it means that Microsoft attracted 300 million new users in a year.

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