Elon Musk declares himself “Emperor of Mars”

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Elon Musk declares himself "Emperor of Mars"

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Space X, wrote “Emperor of Mars” in the biography section of his Twitter account.

Tesla ve Space X’in CEO‘its Elon Musk, Twitter He wrote “the emperor of Mars” in the biography part of his account.

The famous billionaire Elon Musk, who was every event he did, this time declared himself the Emperor of Mars.

Musk is sometimes referred to as the Mars Emperor among his followers. Musk has over 50 million followers on Twitter.

Some followers on Twitter refer to Musk as the ‘Lord of Mars’.


Elon Musk shared a monkey with a chip attached to his brain lobe on Friday … The 9-year-old Pager is playing video games with a joystick while being rewarded with a straw under the computer screen.

Musk shared, “Thanks to the first product developed by Neuralink, someone who uses a smartphone with his mind will be able to direct it faster than someone who uses it with his hands.”

In the past days, Dogecoin prices increased by writing the crypto currency Dogecoin on his Twitter account.

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