England Declared Today “Mars Day”

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England Declared Today "Mars Day"

Today is March 18 … victory of CanakkaleToday, the world has been declared as an important day in terms of space studies.

England declaring … According to the UK, this Thursday “Mars Day of … ”

Mars Day was celebrated jointly by ESERO-UK (UK Space Education Agency), STEM and the UK Space Agency with a virtual event due to the pandemic.

For those who take a break from classes at school and wonder about the list of activities we will participate in online and which age group they are suitable for.


Titles such as ‘Robokids’ for children aged 4 and above, ‘Solar System and Beyond’ for children aged 11 and above, ‘Our Future on Mars’ for young people aged 15 and over are quite exciting. There are interesting topics and speakers for adults as well.

The surprise of the day was the online chats of British astronauts Tim Peake and Dallas Campbell. Free event it hosts many more stars.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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