“Ethnobotanical Research Techniques” course is held in Ayvalık

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The “Ethnobotanical Research Techniques” course, supported within the scope of TÜBITAK 2237 Support Program for Scientific Educational Activities, started at the Cunda Practice Hotel under the Ministry of National Education in Balikesir’s Ayvalık district.

Supported within the scope of TUBITAK 2237 Scientific Education Activities Support Program “Ethnobotany Research Techniques” course, Balikesirin the Ayvalık district of Ministry of EducationIt started at the Cunda Application Hotel, which is affiliated to Turkey.

Prof. from Balikesir University. Dr. Faculty members of Harran University, Bingöl University and Munzur University also supported the project carried out by Fatih Satıl.

Balikesir Metropolitan MunicipalityYoung scientists from 10 different provinces attend the course, which was also contributed by Turkey.

In the course where many activities related to traditional plant use culture will be held, Satıl from Balıkesir University and Prof. Dr. Selami Selvi from Harran University, Prof. Dr. Hasan Akan, Assoc. Dr. Uğur Çakılcıoğlu and Assoc. Dr. Rıdvan Polat and Assoc. Dr. Expert professors such as Ekrem Darendelioğlu will give lectures.

Making statements on the subject, Satıl pointed out that people with traditional knowledge about plants decreased due to reasons such as migration from rural areas to cities.

Stating that this information, which was known to the old generations, could not be transferred to the new generations, a very valuable cultural heritage was destroyed, Satıl said:

“In order for this information to be recognized and protected by new generations, it is essential to disseminate the studies in this area and to record the data obtained. It is essential to support and disseminate the scientific studies to be carried out in order to protect the traditional plant use culture. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, especially TÜBİTAK-BİDEB, supports our event. We give our thanks.”

During the training that started today and will last four days; Information about ethnobotany and its history, flora of Turkey and its place in ethnobotany, scientific determination and diagnosis methods of plants, ethnobotanical study methods and survey types will be given.

In addition, research areas in ethnobotany, issues to be considered in ethnobotanical publications and current molecular methods used in ethnobotany will be introduced.

In the course, where trainings such as cream and soap production with traditional methods and rope dyeing technique with natural dyes will be given, the trainees will examine BAÇEM, Kızıklı village, Kazdağı and Edremit public markets.

The course will be completed with the “Ethnobotanical Materials Exhibition” and certification ceremony, which will be held on the last day.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Suat Salgın

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