Facebook Brings Clubhouse Feature To Its Own Platform

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Facebook Brings Clubhouse Feature To Its Own Platform

Especially recently, social media market is very competitive. Because none of the features belong to a specific platform. Content with similar features can come to different social media platforms at once.

Recently, social media apps are adding multiple features for their clients to their platforms. One of the most popular features are Clubhouse-like chat rooms. Right now, Twitter, Telegram, TikTok, Instagram The best social media platforms like this are working on this feature.

Facebook Brings Clubhouse Feature To Its Own Platform

According to a recent report, there are documents showing that Facebook is also working on this feature. Clubhouse-like chat rooms stand out as an intriguing feature for social network operators this year.

According to reports by Alessandro Paluzzi, Facebook is actively working on this feature. However, Facebook wants to develop the business a little more and wants to add a new feature to its platform under the name of video room, not just a chat room.

Moreover, Facebook chat rooms will not be just “private” like the original Clubhouse platform. Facebook will also have public chat rooms. Public chat rooms will not require any special invitations. Public chat rooms can be used by anyone on Facebook, while private mode will only be available to your Facebook friends.

However, for video chat rooms, it will not have the public mode. It will only be available in private mode. Currently, there is unprecedented interest in Clubhouse. We don’t know if this feature will reach Facebook before this new trend is over.

Clubhouse: Re-Updated the Method of Sending Invitations Clubhouse is a social media platform with voice chat, which is popular with users especially during the pandemic period and people participate through a special invitation. Users cannot join a chat without an invitation. But before that, when inviting users, Clubhouse will ask you to allow access to your phonebook. This does not stand as a good feature for users. Many people worry that their privacy and vital information could be at stake. To resolve this issue, Clubhouse has released a new update. This update stands out as an update that allows users to invite people to Clubhouse without giving them access to their phone book. Users will be able to directly enter the contact number of their friends to whom they want to send an invitation. With this method, the application will no longer be able to access users’ contacts.

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