Fantasy Space Movie People Still Haven’t Deciphered

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Fantasy Space Movie People Still Haven't Deciphered

The writing of Ömer Faruk Karatti… The 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey is still difficult to analyze by many people and contains very deep messages in the film.

The article of Ömer Faruk Karatti…

The 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey is still difficult to analyze by many and contains very deep messages in the film. The film was jointly produced by the UK and the USA. The total length of the movie is 2 hours 29 minutes.

The subject genre of the movie is science fiction and adventure. The director of the movie is Stanley Kubrick, who is considered by most moviegoers to be the best director ever. Although the budget of the movie was 10-12 million dollars, the director earned between 138-190 million dollars with this movie. The screenplay was written by Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke. The film was nominated for four Oscars and won the Oscar for best visual effects.

The leading actors of the movie are: Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester, Keir Dullea, the movie faced a lot of criticism when it was released. But right now, in today’s world, 2001: A Space Odyssey has been given cult status by critics and audiences, and by some to be one of the best movies ever. space is the movie. The movie was made in 1991. United States of America Considered “culturally and historically” important by the Library of Congress, it was inducted into the US National Film Registry.

There are very important details about the film that the director underlines and emphasizes in the film. In the opening sequence of the movie, we see that it says “Dawn of Humanity”. Millions of years ago, in a desert in Africa, a tribe of hominids were trying to survive and feed themselves in the arid desert. When they wake up one morning in the place where they live, the whole hominid tribe will be astonished, a mysterious rectangular obelisk appears vaguely in one of the places where they always eat and spend time. There is no indication of where it came from or how it was put there. Monkeys watch the stone in interesting ways. Later, a lone monkey takes a bone from a pile on the ground, breaks other bones, realizes that he will use it as a stick, and thus the first tool is found.

The monkey is very sure of himself with the determination of stick making. Using his newly made weapon, he stabs an enemy monkey in his tribe to death. Confident of himself and taking steps to become the head of the tribe, the monkey throws his gun into the air, and the movie moves towards the future at this point with a sequence where the falling bone turns into an orbital satellite.

Millions of years later, the Pan Am spacecraft carrying only one passenger, Dr. Heywood transports R. Floyd to a returning space station on the Moon with his journey to Clavius ​​base, an outpost in the United States. Floyd makes a video phone call to his daughter from the spacecraft. After meeting with his daughter, he makes a video call with his Soviet colleague. The Soviet scientist talks about the rumors of dangerous epidemics in Clavius. Floyd attends a meeting of the Clavius ​​staff and gives an apology but confidential speech about the epidemic outbreak story.

Floyd’s main mission is to investigate a newly found artifact that was buried near the Tycho crater four million years ago. Floyd and his crew board the Aybulak, a monolith. Loud radio sounds begin to be heard when sunlight hits the monolith for the first time in millions of years.

Eighteen months after these events, the United States spacecraft Discovery One remains attached to Jupiter. It is seen that the pilots and scientists on the spaceship are in suspended animation. All operations and instructions of the Discovery Spacecraft are controlled by a computer system, the HAL9000, which is like a human. Hal speaks in a way that emphasizes that he is no different from a human being. He says he is perfect and faultless. Mistakes happen because of people, says Hal, starting to talk about people in the spacecraft in a way that makes them nervous and startled them. Hal reports that an antenna controller has recently failed, and it’s suddenly a very quiet place.

HAL suddenly begins to say, “Something has been buried on the moon.” Dave is at a loss as to what to do with HAL’s words. Then, HAL informs out of nowhere that a hardware failure will occur. He says that there is a malfunction in the communication system of the ship and it causes a very serious error. One of the crew heads out of Discovery with the Eva Pod to retrieve and replace the AE-35 unit, as the HAL is malfunctioning.

However, no faults were found during the inspections. When they call and inquire about their colleagues on Earth, their response is that HAL is “largely mistaken in the failure prediction.” This is a first for the 9000 series, as the 9000 series has never seen a malfunction before. HAL to the team

It says that they need to put the part back and wait for the failure. Two members of the crew, Dave and Frank, meet away from HAL without showing their fears and worries. They indicate that they do not trust binary HAL. After a short exchange of ideas, he deactivated HAL’s artificial intelligence.

They decide to remove it. Although HAL could not hear these spoken words, he understood what they were talking by reading their lips.

While Dave watches through Discovery, Frank comes out with the pod to replace the AE-35, while Frank takes over the empty pod while Frank performs the EVA and cuts the oxygen hose. Dave quickly jumps into a pod to save Frank, but forgot to take his space helmet. Meanwhile, HAL kills 3 scientists sleeping in the capsule on the space station by cutting off their life support units. While Dave tries to enter the ship with Frank’s lifeless body, HAL interferes and does not approve of his entry. HAL reveals that she knew about Dave and Frank’s thoughts on her, their plans to shut her down.


He says my mission is “very important” and that he will not let anyone endanger this important mission. Dave opens an airlock after releasing Frank’s lifeless body into space. Activates the pod’s emergency evacuation sliders. Without a helmet, he is exposed to the vacuum of space, but eventually finds a way to close the airlock and returns to the ship. It goes to the electronic circuits to disable the HAL immediately after entering the ship. Dave begins to deactivate HAL, while HAL tries to dissuade him. After Dave achieves his ambitions and finally disables HAL, a pre-recorded video by Floyd starts playing on the screen in the room, in the video of the mysterious obelisk on the Moon.

is talking about.

Upon reaching Jupiter, Dave leaves his ship to inspect an obelisk. When he gets close to the stone, he enters an extraordinary light beam, starts his journey very quickly, and sees mysterious events and planets during his journey. After this interesting journey, we see our character in an empty bedroom. Dave encounters himself, old and young. He first sees himself as a middle-aged man in a space suit, then an old man eating alone at the table, and finally, the extremely old himself lying in bed. Shortly after seeing these, the mysterious obelisk suddenly appears in the middle of the bedroom. The very old version of Dave lying in bed trying to touch the monolith transforms into a baby called The Star Child with a very transparent ball of light, in the final scene a baby appears in a balloon and finally looks out to Earth.

Thus, a new human form was formed.

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