Games developed by Turkish software developers continue their success in the US market

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Türk yazılımcıların geliştirdiği oyunlar, ABD pazarındaki başarısını sürdürüyor

Mert Can Kurum, founder of mobile game software company operating in Ege University Technopark, Turkish Stating that game developers continue their international success, mart He said that 6 of the 10 most downloaded games in the USA were developed by Turkish companies.

The institution stated to the AA correspondent that it developed its game software business, which it started in university years, with Ruby Games, which it established at the Ege University Teknopark nüvEGE Incubation Center in 2018.

Stating that they managed to enter the list of the most downloaded with the many games they developed in the last period, the Authority stated that the “Hunter Assassin” game they published last year was the 5th most downloaded game in the world in all game categories.

While working with publishers abroad for the first time, Kurum said that they started to do all the work as a team, “The game called Handyman 3D, which we published in March, is the most downloaded game among those using the IOS operating system in the USA. games “It was in the top 10 on the list.”

The institution emphasized that Turkish companies have achieved very important achievements in game development in recent years and continued his words as follows:

“In March, the US most downloaded 6 out of 10 games the Turkish company was on games developed or posted in. This shows the success of the gaming industry in Turkey. In our country ‘hyper casual’ We are one of the games industry leading companies. Turkey is also small in getting to this point Now, big investors want to invest in Turkish game companies, so many young people have the opportunity to work in game companies abroad. We now do everything while developing games and sending them to publishers abroad. “We think that this sector will grow day by day. Our goal as our company will be to further enlarge our team and continue this success in games of different genres.”

Pointing out that the support provided by universities and technology development regions has an important share in this success, the Authority also noted that it believes that if the current state support is increased, the number of people employed and the income obtained in the sector will increase exponentially.

Source: Anadolu Agency / Tezcan Ekizler

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