Garanti BBVA ranked first in the Google Hash Code competition

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Garanti BBVA ranked first in the Google Hash Code competition this year again.

Offering services that make a difference to its customers with its technology, Garanti BBVA succeeded in becoming the hub with the highest score in the Google Hash Code contest organized by Google every year, which is open to all participants worldwide and became the world champion for the second time in a row.

Having won the first place last year with nearly 100 teams and a hub team of 400 people, Garanti BBVA was once again the world champion this year with a team of 500 people consisting of 145 teams.

Participants in the Hash Code programming competition, which hosts more than 125,000 participants worldwide this year; competing as a team and as a hub, it produced a solution to the engineering problem published by Google. Google awarded the teams and hubs that produced the solutions by getting the highest score within the 4-hour period allocated to the competitors.

The award-winning informing to guarantee BBVA Deputy Director General Ilker Kuruöz, “as guarantee BBVA technology ourselves,” School Company “as we see it. Therefore, to participate in the race as Hash Code of the major universities of the software club from Turkey carries a separate meaning for us. Our employees Its passion for technology and innovation has brought us the first place for 2 years in a row. This year, it is also very meaningful for us that our giant team of 500 people came together on the online platform and achieved this success as “one team”. “It constantly improves itself with its passion for technology and achieves new successes every day.”

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