Gareth Bale: “I’ve Seen Ufo, Aliens Are Hundred Percent”

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Gareth Bale: "I've Seen Ufo, Aliens Are Hundred Percent"

An interesting statement came from Gareth Bale, Tottenham’s star footballer.

Tottenham’s star footballer Gareth BaleAn interesting statement came from. The Welsh football player said, “There are 100 percent aliens, I am 100 percent sure of that. I saw a UFO myself,” he said.

Bale, who participated in a program on Tottenham’s official YouTube channel, talked about aliens during a conversation with his teammate Joe Rodon.

Bale said, “There are many conspiracy theories on this subject. There was a UFO image published by the American government, there are hundred percent aliens, I am 100% sure of it. I saw a UFO myself,” said Bale.


To the words of ballet; “Certainly, there are 100 percent aliens. I know some governments have secret things about UFOs. I actually saw a UFO once,” he said.

Guillermo Marino, who once played for Boca Juniors, also claimed that he was late for kidnapping aliens to a workout while he was a football player.

Source: Space Mage Turkey

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