Golden advice on data security from Rıdvan Pear

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Golden advice on data security from Rıdvan Pear

Declaring that he wants to serve his country in the field of software, Rıdvan Pear explained the ways to protect data and information that concern all users today, where a world without internet cannot be imagined.

Rıdvan Pear, who stated that many of us can’t live without phones in today’s world where staying connected to the internet has become a necessity, said, “Every notification or message inevitably distracts us and compels us to look at the phone.” said.

Rıdvan Pear, who added that we share one arrow of our data on many different platforms in the internet world, said, “It is very, very difficult to protect your data you share in any way. However, after this explanation I will make for you, you will learn the ways to protect your data and you will protect your data.” used the phrases.


Rıdvan Pear, a software expert, said that knowing the ways to protect data security will save us from many mistakes and pitfalls. or with every update you make, your security gets better by one degree. Each update closes the vulnerabilities in your systems and applications, and also adds new features.”


Stating that the use of VPN is especially important for public network connections, Pear said, “Only, the most important thing to note at this point is that the VPN service should not be free. Because free VPN applications are far from reliable. As for the features that a good VPN service should have; privacy, customer support. , speed, the importance it attaches to privacy is the kill switch.” said.

Pear continued as follows: “Indicating that many platforms now provide two-factor security verification services, Rıdvan Pear said, “This method is very important in terms of protecting your data and information, as it requires a special password in addition to your platform password. Private passwords prevent malicious people who somehow learn your password from accessing your data.

For your financial transactions, your primary preference should be the HTTPS protocol, not the HTTP protocol.”

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