Google announced that the problem causing apps to crash on Android phones has been resolved.

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Huawei, Avrupa Pazarında İlk Monitörünü Satmaya Hazırlanıyor

Googlemany around the world Android He explained that he fixed the problem that caused the applications to crash on the phone.

A large number of Android phones are among them due to the problem that started on Monday Gmail, Facebook and AmazonMany applications including.

The company announced that the problem was caused by an update to Android System WebView, which allows Android apps to view web content.

What do I have to do?

For solution, Google’s app store Google Play, Android System WebView and Google Chrome browser need to be updated.

After the onset of the problem, many people on social media complained that the apps on their Android operating system phones were crashing.

The DownDetector site announced that Gmail and Amazon applications were the most affected by the problem.

Android WebView comes preinstalled on all Android phones.

For update;


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