Google Drive: Beware If You Are Backing Up!

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Google Drive stands out as a platform where many people can store high quality photos in terms of usability. The platform provides users with the opportunity to upload infinite number of photos with the “compression mode” provided. The company has been encouraging users to use this storage platform for a while. The biggest innovation that Google company promised when launching Google Drive is the promise that you can store your pictures without compromising the visual quality. He stated that with this storage, users will not need to keep pictures on their phones and that users can download these images whenever they want.

Google Drive: Beware If You Are Backing Up!

But as time went on, the pressure on Google Drive has become enormous. Google Drive decided to make some changes to the rules after reaching 4 trillion images in multiple sizes each.

It has been announced that the number of images to be uploaded will no longer be infinite. From June 1, 2021, Google will limit users’ photo uploads with a 15 GB limit. If you want to use more space, you will have to pay a fee.

Google Doesn’t Offer High-Quality Storage to Users According to Google, if users don’t switch from high-quality – original-quality uploads, there may be a risk of damage to photos. This information is included in one of the advertising emails sent to Google Drive users. The company is currently advertising new premium photo editing features.

In the Email that Google sends to users, it provides a sample image of the original image and a sample of the high-quality compressed image. “Original quality photos preserve the most detail and allow you to zoom, crop and print photos with less pixelation,” says Google.

What Will Google Gain From This?

With High Quality compression, users can only use 16MP images or 1080 videos for free until June 21. However, for Original Quality images, users can use any pixel size they want. This means that the original images will produce much larger images and videos. Google may have made this decision, as the original images will take up much more space. So, when 15GB of free storage is exhausted, users start paying.

For this reason, Google appears to encourage users to use original images that will take up space faster. Android phones with 108MP sensors easily consume 15GB of storage. When this happens, Google will start making money from users.

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