Google’s Artificial Intelligence Will Design Its Own Chips!

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Google's Artificial Intelligence Will Design Its Own Chips!

Google company continues to improve itself with its work. Thanks to a new technology designed by the company, they will be able to design artificial intelligence chips more efficiently and faster than human engineers.

We all remember old movies from the 80’s and 90’s where machines made other machines to fight humans. But now, we have serious reason to worry. Artificial intelligence technology is now ubiquitous. Of course, artificial intelligence technology is not yet fully mature. The progress of artificial intelligence is increasing day by day, but it is clear that there will not be a sudden rise. It seems that we will soon see the first steps of the machines. Recently Googleannounced that it is using AI technology to design better artificial intelligence chips. Google published an article in Nature that talks about a technology used to teach the platform to design new AI chips. Google stated that they will get great efficiency from this technology and they will finish their work in a very short time.

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Will Design Its Own Chips!

It has been announced that the next generation artificial intelligence takes only six hours to design and create the chips produced for smartphones. As for human engineers, this process can take up to several months and this turns out to be a huge waste of time with current technology.

At first glance, it looks like the machines will do the job much faster and help engineers reach targets more quickly. But who can say that artificial intelligence will not use the new AI chips for its own purposes.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Designs Better Smartphone Chips

It reports that new software designed by Google engineers is used to make the latest tensor processing unit chips. In effect, the new technology decides where the various components of a System-on-Chip will be located to maximize processing speed and reduce power consumption. All components such as CPU, GPU and memory chips are placed and connected on the silicon mold. Initially, Google demonstrated its 10,000 chip floorplan algorithm so it could understand and learn what works best in chip design. As a result, the artificial intelligence algorithm created designs that humans couldn’t think of. Let’s say people would lay out the components in straight lines. In contrast, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) used a decentralized approach to design a better processor.

However, this new software technology is not the first artificial intelligence work used by Google. A few years ago, he used different artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to make his computers beat the world’s best Go players.

In fact, Google’s artificial intelligence does not work on its own. These machines are taught to perform a specific task. and over time, they just get better and better.

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